What Makes Some Worth Millions?

How far are you willing to go in pursuing the career of your dreams? Or in being successful? 

If you have seen Clint Eastwood´s movie “Million Dollar Baby”, you know what I mean. In the film, Maggie (Hillary Swank) is determined to succeed as a female boxer, and ends up breaking her neck in a million dollar match against the WBA women´s welterweight champion.

She dedicates her entire young life into becoming something extraordinary, and ends up with losing it all, including the most important: her health.

Abandoned and exploited even by her own family, the only one standing by her side until the end is her coach and trainer Frankie, who never leaves her side.

In the film, Maggie claims having reached everything she ever wanted. Perhaps that´s true for her, but would you be willing to risk it all, including your life, for the thought of fast money, fame, and suddenly being a falling star? 

Or do you prefer leading a stable and enjoyable life, with all pieces of your life in perfect balance, and no need to fight? 

Lessons from “Million Dollar Baby”: 

1) Working hard will help you reach your goals

2) Risk-taking can be very rewarding

3) You can achieve anything you set your mind (and body) into

4) Focusing too much on your career can lead to suffering in other parts of your life

5) Don´t risk your health when pursuing your goals! It is the most important you have, after all.



Looking forward to reading your comments!

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