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I have been told that I am the hardest working individual people know. I hope that is not true, since I would rather be the SMARTEST working woman on this planet. I have also been complimented with having a very BIG BRAIN. If that were true, I would probably be extinct by now (I´m NOT a dinosaur!). Although, I am happy to have a big brain and a small mouth. What else people say and think about me is their business.

In my authenticity and with the passion I put into everything I accomplish, I may sometimes impress people more than I would like to. That is why I have attracted so many talented individuals and businesses into my expansive global social media networks. People just cannot seem to get enough of me.

I am an ambitious, analytical and results-driven professional who always delivers beyond expectations. I help people and businesses improve their results through my strategic business advisory services, including change leadership/management. I am an entrepreneur because I love taking responsibility and getting things done.

I can be hired for:

-Business/individual consultations
-Lectures about various topics, including leadership and management
-Public speaking events (keynote speaker)
-Long-term or short-term business projects; online (virtual projects) or offline

When I am not online or working on something, you can most likely find me in a forest, on a cycling road, swimming, or reading a good book.

The best way to get in touch with me is either through sending me a private message on LinkedIn (if we are not yet connected – feel free to send me a personalized invitation) or through email: annemaria (dot) yritys (at) gmail (dot) com

to find out how my business can help you(r) business.

My expertise: Digital networks/social media, (online) education/learning, change management, strategic management, project management, international business.

Sincerely, Anne-Maria Yritys

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