77 Ways of Expressing Appreciation (and saying thank you)

“Someday when scientists discover the center of the universe, many people are going to be disappointed to find out it isn´t them”. 

(Witty Unknown)

By shifting the focus from ourselves towards other people, and by expressing appreciation even in the toughest moments, we can be certain of a positive, or at least neutral, outcome in any relationship. Why not try it out sometime? Politeness does not cost us anything. 

Quoting Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: 

“Let go of your ego’s need to be right. When you’re in the middle of an argument, ask yourself: Do I want to be right or be happy? When you choose the joyous, loving, spiritual mode, your connection to intention is strengthened”.

How do you express your gratitude to people in your life? 

Do you think thankfulness is a waste of time or do you praise even the negativity surrounding you, transferring it into positivity with your personal attitude? 

77 Ways of Expressing Appreciation and saying thank you: 

1. Thanks a ton!

2. Thank you. 

3. Wow, thank you! 

4. You are amazing! 

5. You made my day! 

6. What you did was extraordinary. 

7. Thank you for being a source of inspiration. 

8. You, my friend, are a star!

9. I could never have done this without you.

10. Universe wouldn´t be the same without you.

11. Heaven must have sent you.

12. You, my dear, are an Angel upon Earth!

13. You taught me a wonderful lesson.

14. Thank you for being my teacher.

15. You have helped me become a better person.

16. You should become nominated for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

17. Your Aura is spreading light even in the darkest of hours.

18. You are the Zen Master of my life.

19. Has anyone ever said you are a Genius?

20. You are the Master of the Universe. 

21. You definitely bring out the best in others.

22. You rock!

23. In your presence, even faded flowers come alive.

24. You make the world go round.

25. You make the world a beautiful place to be.

26. Your smile is contagious.

27. In your presence, breathing is easy.

28. Teşekkürler.

29. I owe you.

30. Someday, I hope to become as great as you are.

31. I am not flattering you, I am just being honest: you are fantastic!

32. I am proud to have you as my friend/partner/colleague…

33. Kiitos!

34. You are completing me/our team/the Earth…

35. Mahalo nui.

36. You opened my eyes, thank you.

37. شكراً

38. I am deeply indebted to you.

39. Gratias tibi ago.

40. Your invaluable contribution is very highly appreciated.

41. I want to express my heartfelt acknowledgement for your contribution.

42. How do you exercise that kindness muscle of yours?

43. You are a life-buoy!

44. Tack!

45. Even the greatest philanthropists would turn pale alongside of you.

46. May I become a member of your fan club?

47. It takes pressure to create a diamond like you.

48. You´ve probably worked hard to become the diamond you are today.

49. What is the secret behind your success? 

50. Asante sana.

51. You are one of a kind.

52.  I´d be happy to know the recipe behind your uniqueness.

53. Mange tak.

54. What kind of a DNA does it take to produce someone like you?

55. Danke sehr!

56. Köszönöm szépen! 

57. Kia ora.

58. Ευχαριστώ. 

59. Merci mille fois!

60. ឣរគុណ

61. Muchas gracias. 

62. Dankjewel!

63. 谢谢

64. Takk fyrir!

65. спасибо! 

66.  Takk skal du ha!

67. Grazie mille!

68. Words are not enough to express my gratitude.

69. Muito obrigada/o!

70. Дзякую вам.

71. You can also send a thank you card, a flower, or what is appropriate.

72. Terima kasih banyak.

73. Thank you for kicking my butt!

74. If you cannot think of anything to say, just smile.

75. If you, for some reason, are incapable of smiling, give the person a hug instead.

76. Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Thank you for sharing joy!

77. You must be one of the new miracles of the world!

Now it´s your turn! Think about different ways of thanking someone, and showing appreciation. I am sure you can come up with some pretty creative ideas. Imagination is allowed. 



Looking forward to reading your comments!

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