How Socially Progressive Are You?

Economic growth without social progress lets the great majority of people remain in poverty, while a privileged few reap the benefits of rising benefits. (John F. Kennedy)

Is your business/state on a level that allows for social progression, or is your only purpose to generate as much capital as possible without any social progress planning? Can people feel safe and socially valued when entering your territory, or do you treat people in-equally? If so, perhaps you might as well design a “DO NOT ENTER” sign on your business card, place a similar sign on your website and prohibit tourists from traveling to your country. Aware consumers have no interest in traveling to places, or spending money upon unethical businesses/products, or in unethically managed countries/states. And, the number of conscious tourists/consumers is constantly growing.

Social progress index measures multiple dimensions of social progress in a state, leading to greater human well-being, abolishing poverty and corruption. ( 2015). See Social Progress Index figure below for details:

As the figure above illustrates, the social progress index measures basic human well-being needs in comparison to GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which simply is an indicator for the average per capita income in a country. The main differences between SPI and GDP are as illustrated in following figure:

Socially progressive people, countries, and businesses have some things in common. These include following facts:

These businesses, organizations, people and governments are non-corrupted.

We all know what corruption signifies. Keep your ethics at a high standard and refrain from corruption.

These businesses, organizations, people and governments are working for (a) purpose(s) rather than only for the purpose of maximizing profits at any cost.

Please make it your purpose to refrain from merely making a profit, to redirecting your profits to benefit higher causes, such as healthcare, paying taxes rather than avoiding them, enabling education for all citizens + a number of other commonwealth causes.

Planning long-term initiatives rather than living only three months ahead at a time.

We see, and have seen, enough of businesses and corporations incapable of planning more than three months ahead. If this is the case in your large corporation, or in your state, you may as well outsource your planning to a consulting firm that knows how to support you in creating a long-term, sustainable plan. Stop sprinting – instead, focus on building a sustainable future and healthy practices in your operations.

Watch following video about the Social Progress Imperative to learn and understand more about GDP and SPI:

Thank you for reading, reflecting, commenting, for taking action to create sustainable business, and for sustainable organizational development.




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