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Why Should You Empower Women?

By empowering women around the world and giving girls and women equal opportunities in ALL countries, we can develop an increasingly much sustainable world where human rights of everyone, regardless […]

Why You Should Not Trust Your Government

  If and when certain world governments could be mindful in 2018 and beyond, and stop meddling into the world´s natural climate/weather through GEOENGINEERING, our world population would be very […]

Merry Christmas from Finland!

Connect with me on Twitter @annemariayritys. For climate/environment-related posts only @GCCThinkActTank. Subscribe to Leading With Passion to receive my latest posts.   Take a step further to create YOUR online business. […]

Photo credit: Oceanflow Energy

Marine Energy Market In Its Infancy

Our world´s oceans, covering more than 70% of the Earth´s total surface, are an immense source of energy. Despite of the fact that the marine ecosystem and environment today are […]

Photo Credit: Idaho National Laboratory

Biomass As a Source of Energy Worldwide

Biomass production, which is classified as a renewable source of energy, today accounts for 10.5% of the world´s total energy mix. Biomass is a term covering all non-fossil organic material […]

Photo credit: Ray in Manila

Welcome to Solar-Powered Earth!

Have you ever considered why, in 2017, around 16% of population worldwide lack access to electricity and energy? This, with today´s global population of approximately 7,6 billion signifies that an […]

Photo credit: Paul VanDerWerf

Worldwide Geothermal Energy Potential

Geothermal energy is heat generated and stored in the Earth. It is also one of the many fossil-free, environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources that is as of today yet a […]

Hydropower by Josh Simmons on Flickr

The Global Hydropower Sector

Hydropower, the currently most important source of renewable energy worldwide, was first commercialized for the production of electricity in the Niagara Falls in 1879, although human beings had been utilizing […]

What Do You Know About Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is being classified as a renewable energy source which is regarded as an option to replace fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, and oil. According to the World Nuclear […]

Where Does Your Energy Come From?

Where does your energy come from? Whether we are private household consumers, small business owners, members of communities/municipalities, employees of a global enterprise, it is our right and even obligation […]

Can Circular Economies Save Our Planet?

Our world is drowning in GARBAGE. Or, to express it with more elegance: our planet is overburdened with the consumption of human beings. With garbage, litter, waste, pollution, toxins, and […]

Methane is an Environmental Wildcard

What does The Arctic Institute mean by methane being an environmental wildcard in climate change risk assessments? Should we call The Arctic Institute and ask, or perhaps find out more […]

Arctic Fisheries About to Disappear

Why are Arctic fisheries under threat and about to disappear? Or, should we rather ask, why are so many arctic (marine) species under threat? The likelihood of Arctic fisheries disappearing […]

Methane Release Poses Climate Risks

Methane, a powerful chemical compound also known with the chemical symbol CH4, is at least 22 times as powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide CO2. Methane can be found naturally everywhere on our […]

What is Arctic Climate Change?

According to research-based evidence, climate change in the Arctic is at least twice as fast as elsewhere on Earth. Numerous organizations and think tanks have internalized this long ago, and […]

Climate Amplifier Methane

In my previous post, Methane is an Environmental Wildcard, I wrote a short introduction to what methane is and how it affects our environment. The Arctic Institute is one of the […]

Climate Forcing Methane

Referring to my previous posts about methane and its impacts on climate change and the environment; Methane Release Poses Climate Risks Climate Amplifier Methane Methane is an Environmental Wildcard methane […]