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How Can You Recognize Abuse in Any Relationship?

Before reading this post, watch for instance Rhonda Freeman´s video Rhonda Freeman | Idealize, Devalue, Discard – Why the brain of many abusers CANNOT sustain love.

In her video, Rhonda Freeman explains how abuse in a romantic relationship works. Now think about abuse generally: the same pattern occurs in all kinds of abusive relationships, be it with a romantic partner, a friend, a co-worker, a boss, a family member, a relative, or anyone who does not know better than to abuse other people through a number of ways.

The sad reality is that many abusers fail to recognize that anything is ever wrong with them. Even if they do, without proper treatment and therapy, most abusers are incapable of changing their habits and ways they treat people around them. They may for a while, but in most cases, the abusive pattern will soon reemerge and start all over.

What are some of the warning signs of abuse in any relationship? How can you learn how to read and see the red flags and protect yourself from any kind of abuse?

Many people would suggest growing a thicker skin. That may work for some. However, if you are a person with a high level of empathy, developing a thick skin may require for you to experience many abusive relationships or efforts of abuse before learning how to protect yourself from any abuse. Beyond growing a thick skin, make sure to set clear boundaries and determine clearly what is acceptable in any relationship and what is not. One way of protecting yourself from abusers is to learn everything you can about abuse and manipulation, in addition to developing and learning non-violent communication skills. Realize you cannot change abusers and manipulators. You can only change yourself, and train yourself to handle challenging people. Learning and practicing non-violent communication will save you from a lot of pain.

Abusers love to control, lie, manipulate and to victimize themselves. Poor you because you are an abuser, a liar, and an envious control freak whose only purpose is to manipulate other people.

All you are capable of is to be fake, a backstabber, a future-faker whose only purpose is to suck people dry and to get your way without putting in any effort or work into a balanced relationship. You need a source of supply to feed your ego because you are an empty shell who is incapable of honest and balanced relationships. You lack integrity, although you try very hard to convince otherwise. Everyone else is always to blame and you are a master at turning around the tables to make you always look like the victim. You are entitled to do whatever you please to do, not allowing people in your surrounding the same freedoms that you allow yourself. No, because other people exist only to feed your ego and to supply you with whatever you need at the very moment.

Do not expect these kinds of people to ever change. They rarely do. When you leave them, they’ll try to hoover and suck you back into a never-ending, vicious circle, that is ultimately only ever about them. To an abuser, you are only an extension of them, not to be regarded as a human being worthy of honesty and respect.

This is accurate in all kinds of abusive relationships, not only intimate partnerships: friends, family, even co-workers. As long as you agree with them and do as they please and want, everything will be ok. If not, they will devalue and discard you. The cycle of abuse won’t end until you cut these people off and go no contact, for good.

Some red flags of potentially abusive relationships include:
– Putting you on a pedestal and idealizing (everything about) you at the beginning of the relationship. Empty flattery.
– An effort to move the relationship forward at an alarming rate, i.e. in romantic relationships the abuser will want to move in quickly with you, perhaps even get married and have kids without even knowing you.
– Any relationship issues that seem too good to be true.
– How abusers speak about their previous relationships. Very often they call other people crazy.
– Blame-shifting: nothing is ever their fault.
– Disrespecting your boundaries. Bombarding you with attention and praise at the beginning of the relationship.
– Incapable of compromise. It is either their way or the highway.
– Cheating, lying, and manipulating. Future-faking, living in a fantasy world. Painting idealized images of the relationship.
– Inconsistent, even unstable behavior. You never know where you have these kinds of people.
– Lack of integrity.
– Overly critical and envious (devalue stage). Everything you do is wrong. You are always to blame. They are always the victim.
– They are always right.
Overall, my advice to protect yourself from abusers and abusive relationships is to know and to learn more about what abuse and manipulation include. Most of us have a tendency of wanting to influence other people, mainly in a positive way. There are, however, differences between influence and manipulation. Know your boundaries and never let people overstep them. Be careful when dealing with people. Be careful what you share about your private life. Abusers and manipulators will use anything they can against you. Do not let abusers and manipulators get under your skin, or into your head. If possible, keep distance and cut these kinds of people out of your life completely, unless you have to deal with them for instance on a professional level.

Ways of Improving Your Strategic Thinking Skills

If asking any experienced business leader what the single most important ingredient for success in business is, the response would likely be the capacity to execute a well thought out business strategy. Part of strategy execution is also the existence of a written business strategy at the core of any business. Without a long-term business strategy, there is no business. Without proper strategy execution, a well thought-out business strategy written nicely on paper will definitely fail.

Strategic thinking, therefore, is important to any business person, manager and leader. The ability of strategic thinking allows for you to plan both long-term and short-term, and helps you to adjust your strategic plan along the way, in accordance with your (changing) operational environment.

How can you improve your strategic thinking skills? There are definitely many ways, at the core of which is to understand better how your brain works! Your brain likes to be challenged, at any age, because pushing yourself beyond old limits and patterns of behavior and thinking will allow for your brain to perform better. Continuous learning, including unlearning old behaviors and patterns, is therefore at the core of being a good strategist.

Moreover, challenging yourself, including your attitude and beliefs, allows for you to gain completely new experiences and perspectives. That is why it is so important for any good strategist to remain curious throughout career and life, know how to question things, and learn how to see the big picture. Enough rest and sleep is also important, as well as distancing oneself regularly from any noise in one´s surrounding: that is, taking time out on a daily basis to meditate and to find a quiet place where you can distance yourself from the everyday noise in your life. It can be as short as a few minutes.

Since many business people and leaders, including entrepreneurs, find their existence at times being rather lonesome, it is extremely important to find people to exchange ideas and thoughts with. If you are an online entrepreneur, for instance, you can selectively join various groups and activities both in the 3D world and online. We are all social beings and depend on other human beings in many ways. Asking others for help, and/or gaining perspective by engaging with different kinds of people in both business and private will definitely be an enriching experience and an eye-opener for anyone who wants to improve and develop her/his strategic thinking skills.

What other ways can you think of? Please comment and share your experiences, ideas and thoughts!

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How To Avoid (Online) Stalking & Harassment

When you are networking and conducting business through digital and social media, you are always at risk for harassment and stalking. It is not gender-specific, although taking into consideration what statistics for harassment and stalking reveal outside digital and social media, in the 3D world, girls and women are at a significantly higher risk for becoming victims of harassment and stalking.
With a highly visible business and personal profile on digital and social media, I wanted to share my experiences about online harassment and stalking. This has nothing to do with possible conflicts and/or differences with coworkers, family members, friends, relatives or ex partners. In the ideal case, any conflicts and/or differences should ALWAYS be resolved in person. Not through digital/social media, text messages, e-mails or even on the phone. Whenever possible, conflicts and differences should be resolved in person.
Harassment and stalking, however, differ from “normal” communication in many ways. In this post, I am only referring to some of my personal experiences. It is worthwhile though to learn more about what harassment and stalking is in a broader context, and how different cultures and countries treat stalking in terms of legislation.
With more than a decade of activity on digital and social media, and after building large networks on various digital and social media platforms, I have learned a lot about harassment and stalking. Most of the time, it is “not so bad” i.e. I have learned how to ignore most comments and suggestions. However, stalking is something that goes a bit further than that.
Being stalked signifies that you may experience significant security risks, whereby you must have secret contact information including address and telephone number. When you are being stalked, the person stalking you gets fuel from any possible small interaction with you. Therefore, it is important to understand what you have to do in a case like this. Never, ever take stalking light-heartedly. Being stalked means that you are being e.g. followed, watched, threatened, possibly even blackmailed by a stalker. Stalkers usually want to control their targets, and the main difference to any other form of harassment is that stalkers do not give up easily. Some stalkers can continue for years. In the worst case scenario, even for decades.
I must say that I have some pretty eager fans on social media. One wanted to move in with me, get married and have kids without ever even having talked to me in person or knowing me at all and vice versa.
Plus a bunch of other harassers and stalkers who constantly bombard me with messages and do not get it when I say I’m busy. I mark such messages as SPAM.
One of the most recent ones retweeted me all the time on Twitter until I blocked him. Not due to his retweeting, but because he contacted me through my website and when I responded, he started pouring out personal things telling me about his therapist/therapy etc. and seemed to expect me to engage 100% of my time into his free-of-charge software + his personal/professional problems, for free!
I said I have a busy schedule and have no time for this. Politely. But there is a clear limit for my politeness.
Now he has sent me at least six e-mails during one day, talking about himself all the time. I have not even responded to any of these messages. I marked them as spam.
The thing about people like this is that they are:
a) energy vampires
b) most often hide behind a fake identity
c) believe that everything is about them and their problems i.e. that the whole world spins around them
d) don’t respect other people’s boundaries and privacy
e) don’t seem to understand what no means or don’t want to take no for an answer
f) very demanding individuals
g) craving attention, constant feedback, and constant validation
h) often exaggerating or even lying about their achievements etc.
AND, the list goes on!
Unbelievable how some adult people can afford to behave like children online.
Do you want to know what I do with harassers and stalkers?
1. I ignore
2. I block
3. I report to the police
So think before you act and bombard women, including me, with harassing messages, on social media.
And learn some normal human manners. I.e. don’t hide behind a fake identity online. It is disturbing and sick.
If you cannot be authentic (online), i.e. use a fake identity including fake profile pics, you may suffer from a personality disorder. Around 15% of population does.
If you recognize yourself: seek professional help and stop stalking and harassing people. Learn what NO means. The whole world is not here to serve your fragile ego.
My advice for people who are being stalked is to not let the stalker scare you. Take care of your personal security as a first priority. Do not let a stalker control your feelings and actions: after all, that is their main goal. Make sure to learn more about how common stalking is and know that you are not the only one being stalked. Being as informed as possible allows for you to take better care of your business and personal safety. Since it is highly probable that any stalker suffers from a personality disorder, it is recommended to learn more about various personality disorders. Remember, however, that only psychiatrists are qualified to diagnose any psychiatric illnesses or personality disorders.

Personality Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #34

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REACH OR MISS – The Customer Focused Entrepreneur: My podcast interview with Hayut Yogev, Gaia VSM CEO

Listen to the show HERE:

The Customer Focused Entrepreneur – Episode 59. Anne-Maria Yritys/Hayut Yogev

I was recently contacted through social media by Hayut Yogev, Host of the REACH OR MISS podcast, who invited me to be her guest at her popular podcast show that focuses on the differences in approaching customers leading entrepreneurs either to glorious failures or grand successes.

The REACH OR MISS podcast vision is to help entrepreneurs and startup founders increase their chances for business success by learning from the most successful entrepreneurs and opinion leaders about their customer focus experiences.

Taking into consideration the expertise of Hayut Yogev, and with reference to her previous guests on the show, I was honored to be invited to The REACH OR MISS podcast. In the show, we discuss customer-focused entrepreneurship, including my best advice on how to approach customers, what my biggest failures and successes with customers have been thanks to my personal way of approaching customers.

We also discuss the importance of various digital and social media channels for reaching customers, and why attracting customers rather than chasing them is the best strategy for the customer focused entrepreneur.

Listen to the show HERE:

The Customer Focused Entrepreneur – Episode 59. Anne-Maria Yritys/Hayut Yogev

“Ep. 59 – Anne-Maria Yritys: “At some point, you have to understand you can´t force customers if they don´t want to, and you can´t help people if they don´t want to”.

Angry Looking Woman Making Gesture Of Time Out Stock Photo

Why Wo(men) Should Stop Being Politely Angry

Holding on to any “unwanted” feelings, such as anger, fear, guilt, or shame, will only lead to unwanted consequences, such as depression. I know this from a personal experience. It is so important to acknowledge and to ALLOW all your feelings, and express them in a healthy way. If you are angry, find a healthy way to express and to get rid of your anger. It does not mean that you should go and hit someone. That is not healthy. A healthy expression of anger would be to a) acknowledge that you are angry b) knowing the real reason behind your anger c) speaking up about your anger, or, if it is not possible, writing about it, even for yourself d) finding (alternative) ways of expressing your anger, such as sports, working for a good cause, politics, creative arts or writing, yoga/meditation etc.

If you have at least ONE trusted person who you can speak up about your negative emotions/feelings, it will help you heal.

Or? How do you deal with your negative emotions?

Feel free to comment. Although this video talks about women´s (often hidden) anger, many men keep emotions and feelings inside themselves too. Keeping these to yourself, without any healthy form of expression, will only harm you and your health, creating blockages from living and enjoying your life to the fullest.

Tracee Ellis Ross | TED2018: A woman´s fury holds lifetimes of wisdom

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Forest Protection

How Are You Celebrating Earth Day?

How are you celebrating Earth Day today, April 22nd 2018?

I hope you are paying attention to the amount of garbage that people throw into our environment and our nature, almost everywhere. At least here in Finland, some people think it is normal to throw all kinds of garbage e.g. through the car window, from their boat etc. It looks horrible when you walk on the streets, and in nature. All the garbage on the walkways and streets, in the forests, lakes, everywhere. Throwing garbage into nature should be illegal.

You are smarter than that. You do not throw any kind of garbage/waste into nature. Perhaps you make others aware of this too, or even pick up some garbage while walking in nature.

Natural resources are becoming scarcer and more vulnerable. Our environment and nature cannot keep up with our current consumption habits. It is time to rethink, recycle, manage our resources better and with improved sustainability, because with a rapidly growing world population this planet becomes more crowded than ever before, while our environment has already suffered significantly. The evidence is everywhere: in our air, in our soils, in our water bodies.

In many major urban areas and cities worldwide, the air has become so polluted that people have to wear respirator masks due to toxic air quality. In many polluted cities, the air quality is so poor that you cannot even see the sky, at least not a natural sky. Instead, it is blocked by dirt and pollution, falling down on the ground as toxic rain or simply as toxic particles.

As a result of poor soil and wastewater management, whereby most of all wastewater is being dumped directly back into nature without any kind of prior purifying treatment, our soils are suffering from many kinds of problems, including acidity. Poor soil management leads to many additional problems, such as erosion, and a significant fall in nutrients in crops and plants.

Our water bodies, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, are more acidic than before. The actual numbers may sound low, but even small changes in acidity or chemical structure of a water body will have significant impacts and (possibly) lead to major problems not only in the water bodies themselves, including flora and fauna, but also to all life on Earth.

All vegetation on this planet, including forests, protect us from harmful toxins in the environment and in nature. Forests and trees all around our planet absorb much of the carbon dioxide and other pollution released into our atmosphere by human activities. Growing deforestation and poor forestry lead to additional environmental problems. Depending upon the environment and type of tree, it takes many years, even several decades, to replace a cut down tree by a new one.

Environmental protection and sustainable development is not only a task for environmentalists. It is something that concerns all of us. Every day. Everywhere. Us human beings cannot keep up with current practices, or how industrialization in the past century or two have impacted our environment and nature. Protecting the environment is not equal to giving up a good lifestyle. On the contrary, protecting our environment and developing sustainable economies will in fact improve our lives in terms of a healthy environment, air, soil, and water quality.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Looking forward to your comments. If you found this post helpful, do share it with your online networks.

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