How To Become a Great Leader (And Make History)

"Hand Holding Globe With Network".
“Hand Holding Globe With Network”.


“Great leaders are willing to sacrifice the numbers to save the people. Poor leaders sacrifice the people to save the numbers”.

(Simon Sinek) 

Leadership is NEVER about you. Great leadership even less. Leadership is not an issue of the EGO the EGO is something that managers are driven by. “Look at me, I am so fabulous”, or “Look at me, this is all about me, and how I want things to be”. 

Leaders do not act, or behave this way. Real Spiritual Leaders thrive from their hearts, and their minds, have learned their lessons, including humility and the fact that essentially, all leadership is about striving for a common goal, and aiming at reaching a state that benefits everyone. 

Unfortunately, due to deficiencies in the human mind, many managers mistake themselves for being leaders – driven by numbers rather than by people and forgetting that people are the driving forces rather than merely numbers. This begins, very often, at a very “bottom level”, where people with a low esteem need to push their self-esteem in order to lift themselves up. 

Great leadership is never about boosting yourself, your ego, or lifting yourself personally up. Great leadership is about working towards reaching a common goal, helping people along the way, about lifting others up, and saying “hey, we did a great job”. What we did, will have a positive impact on the world and everything that happens around us. Great leadership, and leadership from the spirit itself, is always positive, take other people into consideration, make them stronger, and develop human interaction into something better.

Great leadership is about forgetting about your ego, being willing to let others shine, helping others, and being positive. Spiritual warriors are those who will make history, which is something to keep in mind if you are willing to make it that far. Managers will be forgotten, people who have merely focused on getting a task done, neglecting both their own feelings as well as those of others. Spiritual leaders, on the other hand, are those who will be remembered and cherished by people. You only need to think about some of them – great spiritual leaders who have made themselves a name by sacrificing themselves and their egos for the greater good, and helping others in order to reach a common goal rather than serving their personal egos. 

Characteristics of great leaders: 

  • They always work for a common goal, not for the satisfaction of their personal ego´s. 
  • They are always willing to help people without asking for anything in return. 
  • They never complain, however much something may hurt. 
  • They ALWAYS stay positive, no matter how difficult circumstances may be. 
  • They know life is not only about them. 
  • They work to simplify lives for other people.
  • They are never ignorant, nor aggressive.
  • They never blame other people or circumstances. Neither do they blame themselves, but instead, know how to remain neutral and diplomatic. 
  • They respect themselves and others, but also have a sense of humor, and never take themselves too seriously. 
  • They are always open to learning, and always curious. 
  • They always care about people, and take the time to get to know their team in order to being capable of inspiring others. 
  • They are always open to improvement, both in themselves, and others. 
  • They are capable of receiving honest and direct feedback, and not only of giving some. 
  • They always stay positive, and know how to inspire people.

“Great leaders have a heart for people. They take time for people. They view people as the bottom line, not as a tool to get to the bottom line”.

(Pat Williams)


(Offshore Wind. Artist: xedos4. Published on 08112012).
(Offshore Wind. Artist: xedos4. Published on 08112012).



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