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Category: Change Leadership

Can Circular Economies Save Our Planet?

Our world is drowning in GARBAGE. Or, to express it with more elegance: our planet is overburdened with the consumption of human beings. With garbage, litter, waste, pollution, toxins, and […]

Coal Mining & Global Methane Emissions

Coal, which is primarily used as a liquid fuel, in cement manufacturing, steel production and electricity generation, accounts for an estimated six per cent (6%) of total methane emissions worldwide. […]

Agricultural Manure and Global Methane Emissions

While enteric fermentation alone accounts for around a third of all anthropogenic methane emissions worldwide, agricultural manure accounts for another four per cent (4%), according to statistics published by GMI, […]

Stationary and Mobile Methane Sources

Methane, a powerful greenhouse gas which today accounts for at least a quarter of all anthropogenic climate change, has many different sources. The largest human-caused methane source is enteric fermentation, […]

Methane Emissions From Biomass Production

Although biomass is currently being classified as a renewable energy source, it accounts for some  3% (three per cent) of total global methane emissions (with methane being a powerful greenhouse […]