Life is a Universal Human Right (Regardless of Gender)

("Asian New Born Infant Sleep in Towel". Artist: Keerati/ ID: 100213901)
(“Asian New Born Infant Sleep in Towel”. Artist: Keerati/ ID: 100213901)

Gendercide, the systematic extermination of a particular gender, is a socioeconomic injustice caused by a number of reasons: poverty, cultural traditions, lack of education and comprehension about the fact that every human being has a right to live, regardless of gender.

In certain highly populated countries, and regions, 20-30 % of all baby girls, unwanted, are being killed before birth through sex selective abortion. If not killed before birth, in some poor, rural areas, it is common that an infant girl is being either killed, given away, or simply thrown away because she is regarded to be a burden, rather than a gift, to her family.

Although illegal, the abortion and/or killing of baby girls is “socially acceptable”, affected by deeply rooted cultural traditions, poverty, and social ostracism. The killing of baby girls has gone so far that whole generations of male population in certain geographical regions have difficulties in finding a female partner, leading to further socioeconomic problems such as kidnapping of children (girls), and sex trafficking.

Gendercide alone has led to the death of more girls/women than all genocides combined. Our world is estimated to be missing as many as 100 million women, caused by either feticide and/or infenticide. Females are being dehumanized.

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Thank you for reading, sharing, and for helping the world overcome gendercide, and other gender inequality problems.


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