How Smart Leaders Spend the Last Days of 2015

“Cup of Hot Chocolate”.

Take a Deep Breath, and Just Enjoy Life

Holiday season can have a tendency of driving many people nearly insane. Buy this, consume that, meet my expectations, fulfill my dreams and tap into the general spirit of the commercially driven society around you, or otherwise… What?

Smart leaders (and people, in general) know that no matter how important it is to feel connected, to have and to follow certain cultural traditions, and to spend holidays with those closest to us, what is more important is to always live and lead a life that truly matters to us, and to surround ourselves with people who actually are there for us even when it is not holiday. Forced family gatherings are a horror show for many, with similar “obligatory rituals” taking place year after year. Yet, most people do unfortunately not have the courage to break out of patterns that make them more miserable than giving them a sense of fulfillment.

Smart leaders do things differently. They do nor force themselves or others into non-fulfilling activities that only drive themselves, and everyone around them, insane, when the REAL purpose of the holiday season and of the last days of the year, in fact is to RELAX and PREPARE, both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY, for the New Year 2016.

Taking Time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective. Doe Zantamata

Smart Leaders get rid of unnecessary clutter.

The last days of the year are a perfect time to remove all kind of waste from your life. Everything that drains your energy, including toxic relationships. Instead of going over again and again about what went wrong, focus upon the present moment, and the future. Do not hang on to circumstances, material things, or people who have nothing positive to give you. And if you, as a leader, cannot rid yourself of certain relationships, at least make sure to be assertive, take back the power of your life, and protect yourself from mental slavery, or energetic vampires.

Smart Leaders Know How to Relax, in a number of Ways.

If you are constantly online, on the phone, and working during your holidays, you are in fact not relaxing. Get rid of the need to constantly check your mailbox, or even to answer the phone. Learn how to detach, and how to spend time doing absolutely nothing (meditating), but also investing time in resting, sleeping, eating well, and reading at least one good book.

Smart Leaders Know that Holidays are no Excuse for Poor Eating Habits.

While holidays are a time of relaxation and detachment, many people spend their extra days off by making themselves excuses and instead of eating and consuming normally, overeat and make not only themselves, but others around them, sick through excess consumption. Instead of over consuming, try to spend your holiday in a way that in fact improves your energy levels instead of making you feel overall worse.

Smart Leaders Free Themselves from Judgement and any other (negative) Feelings during holidays, and before jumping into the upcoming year.

If you cannot be free from judgment 365 days a year, at least try to find some time over Christmas to actually, at least mentally, step into the shoes of some other person and walk in them for a few days. Be bold and open enough to learn from/about, and tap into the mind of some individual or a certain culture yet unknown to you, especially if this person/culture is very different from what you are accustomed to. The greater our willingness to understand, the greater our capability to practice compassion and if compassion is impossible, at least try to get to a state of decreased prejudice and judgment.


Blessed holidays to everyone.  







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