The Art of Attracting Abundance

On our personal journeys as spiritually conscious and aware human beings we have many valuable lessons to learn. The path is always an individual, only our circumstances vary according to culture, environment, access to higher education, and other external factors influencing our lives. Understanding many of the external influencers of our lives is not always easy, but learning to accept these will certainly make life easier to handle in challenging situations. Although some individuals like to compare themselves to trees with strong roots, steady and incapable of being shaken, or digging it up from its roots, very often a capability of being flexible is far more important, because it allows us to handle even tough situations with diplomacy. 


“The stiffest of trees are most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind” 

(Bruce Lee)


Abundance is by many people often defined as material wealth, and concrete possessions. However, abundance comprises much more than that: all non-materialism, including true friendships, spirituality, freedom, and access to endless personal development, happiness, and everything that makes life worth living beyond merely the possession of material wealth. Truly lucky are those who have filled their lives with non-material abundance. Even luckier those, who have lives filled with both non-material, and material abundance. The most lucky are those, who have attracted both, and know how to appreciate it. Sacred are those, who have lost everything, re-found it, and not only possess both material, and non-material abundance, but want to share it with others.

Regardless of your current situation, there are ways of attracting abundance into your life. 

– Start by valuing what you already have (achieved). We all have achieved things in our lives. As our journeys are individual, these achievements shall not be compared to those of others. 

– Be willing to let go. Let go of people, situations, and circumstances that drain your energy, and no longer serve you. Development is continuous, and something that might have served you some time ago, or years ago, may no longer do so. Many of us have large social networks, a “bunch” of contacts that we carry on our shoulders. True friends, and close relationships, however, are few for many of us. People who are meant to be in our lives are those who respect us, treat us well, and who are willing to involve in dialogue, care for us, and grow together. 

– Allow yourself to attract abundance into your life. This starts with being connected to your true self every day, valuing and respecting yourself. Listen to your intuition, and allow wonderful things to happen. 

– Meditate. Spirituality is not a luxury. Very often many of us blame lack of time being the reason for not meditating. We have time for everything that is important in our lives. Meditation, with its many benefits, should be one of those. Not only has meditation been proved to bring with it many physiological benefits, but also psychological.

There are many ways of attracting abundance into our lives, of which the methods mentioned above are some. Being connected to our “source” in our daily activities allows for free flow of abundance in and out of our lives. 



How Can You Live Your True Dreams?

When I write, it usually starts with an idea. The ideas can come from almost anywhere, for example during sleep (which is a reason for sleeping with a notebook and a pen on my bedside table). Keeping a journal close to me at all times is a way of making sure that no ideas fall into lapse of memory.

Sometimes I start by picking a headline, but very often the headline changes in the end, or during the writing process. Like now: I thought about using “Chasing Your Dreams” or “Going After Your Dreams”, but instead, decided to simply pick “Living Your Dreams”. This because I believe chasing and going after are both actions that require being forceful, and when it comes to dreams, they either need to be fulfilled or quite simply, lived. Of course chasing and going after are options as well, but if it is a dream connected to your spirit, and your intention – you won ́t need to chase it. It will come to you, eventually, through LIVING in a way that eventually manifests everything that you truly want to achieve.

“What We Think, We Become. Our thoughts determine our reality.” (Gautama Buddha)

This reminded me of the story of a student and a Zen Master. The student, eager to learn, asked the Zen Master for guidance. The Zen Master invited the student to have a cup of tea, began to pour the tea into the cup – poured, poured, and poured, filling the cup until it was overflowing and the hot, boiling tea was spilled on the student’s lab. 

Student: “Stop! The cup is overflowing. It is already full!” 

Zen Master: “The cup is a symbol of your mind. You came here with a full mind. There was no place for anything new. A beginner ́s mind should never be full. Instead, it should always be empty, ready for new learning. How possibly can I teach you unless you first empty your cup?”

This lesson is good to remember at all times. We all come to the world to develop, learn, evolve, and grow. We all have it in us, the ability of being perfect as we are, but at the same time remembering that we can always learn something new, as long as we keep our minds open. 

Taking time for meditation every day is a great way of improving one’s life in many ways. Not only does meditation have a positive impact on our health in many ways, but it also helps us empty our minds. This, in turn, gives space for ideas, thoughts, and dreams popping up in our minds which existence we might not even have been aware of. 

To (re)discover your true dreams, start by emptying your mind, and see what a wonderful landscape your spirit consists of.