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Earth Reshaped by Indigos and Crystals

(Aquamarine on White Background. Artist: Boykung/ ID: 100258224)
(Aquamarine on White Background. Artist: Boykung/ ID: 100258224)

Live the life you were truly meant to live. You create the experience that you choose to have. There is no limit to what you can be, do, and have. You are an infinite creator of your reality. (Indigo Wisdom #391)

The future is now. We have entered the New Age long ago and there is no turning back. What a relief is that, knowing that we can fully focus on the existing present, creating the future we want with lessons from the past acting as our guidelines towards the future that humanity and planet Earth not only wants, but needs in order to continue thriving in our endless Universe. We are doing pretty well already, but imagine for an instance what our actions and lifestyles, on the average, may look like to more advanced civilizations in the Universe? Yes, we all citizens of Planet Earth are responsible for how well societies function, how humanity in general thrives, how we treat each other, how we treat nature, and how we treat animals. We can and should all take part of the blame, but instead of focusing upon living in guilt, blaming ourselves and other human beings, let´s concentrate our energy upon improving the way we live and interact with ourselves, and with other living creatures that our ecosystem depends upon.

The vibrations of our planet, across countries and continents, are already being raised by conscious and aware individuals, who are spiritually more in tune with both themselves and have a higher understanding and connection through their strongly developed intuition, allowing them to comprehend intangible matters and to some people, currently invisible dimensions and the spirit world that we, in fact, all live in.

Indigos and Crystals are living among us, helping us with the necessary changes that will lead us into a brighter future for mankind, and Planet Earth in general. They are here to teach us valuable lessons, and also to helping us develop the same qualities in ourselves. We are all spiritual beings with so much untapped potential, indigos and crystals who can, and will, shape our present into a future where everyone has enough of everything, a shared wealth and well-being.

If this topic is completely new to you, you may want to increase your understanding by reading e.g. The Complete Idiot´s Guide to Indigo Children, an enlightening approach to nurturing an Indigo child, written by Wendy H. Chapman, Director of the Metagifted Education Resource Organization ( and Carolyn Flynn.

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Anyone that encourages intellectual, emotional, artistic or spiritual growth is worth keeping. Don´t let them go. (Color me Indigo on Pinterest).

Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting and learning. Peace and blessings.



Why Should You Believe In Miracles?

Miracles happen all the time. We do not always sense them, or realize how full our world, and the universe, is with miracles. Very often we think about a miracle as something huge happening, a drastic shift or change in things, like a sudden strike of lightning in our environment, transforming our existence in a second. Miracles take place all the time, some of them bigger, some smaller. If we constantly expect a miracle to be a major event, we are likely to miss out the smaller miracles. 

One thing is certain: in order to experience miracles in your life, you have to start believing in their possibilities, if you already do not. The deeper your belief, and the more you trust in miracles taking place at all times, everywhere, and the stronger your affirmations are, the higher the probability of you starting to sense how full of miracles your surroundings, your life, and the whole world is. 

There is much more to life than the human eyes, or other senses, can explain. As rational individuals, we often prefer translating things, people, and circumstances through rationalism and facts. We are eager to find logical explanations for anything, although deep within us we do know how important it is to use intuition and feelings in order to be capable of expanding as individuals. A miracle is not bound to any certain culture or religion, and miracles are acknowledged in all religions. Miracles are a part of spirituality. 

Jon Bon Jovi has said: “Miracles happen every day. Change your perception of what a miracle is and you will see them all around you”.

Sometimes difficult circumstances or major life crises lead us to increasingly believe in miracles. We need something to believe in, something that motivates us, inspires us, and guides us further on our life paths. However, sensing miracles does not require having a difficult life, or difficulties in life. Miracles are always there for each and one of us, no matter what our situation may be. 

Experiencing miracles in one’s everyday life becomes easier with belief, increasing spirituality, and opening our minds to sensing small and big wonders, being grateful for anything that life gives us – even tough times, since they can be such important lessons for us. However difficult it can be, try to express gratitude even for setbacks and problems – they most often are the greatest lessons life has to offer us, and lead to personal development when we are open to learning. 

  • Without challenges, appreciating all the good things in life would be more difficult. 
  • Without rain, we would not be able to see rainbows. 
  • Without yin, there would be no yang. 
  • Without you, there would be no me. 
  • Without the Sun, there would be no Moon, no Earth. 
  • Without the Moon that we see in the sky each night, there would be no ebb or flood.

The Universe is full of miracles. Many of them so big, so familiar, so small, so everything that we have become too accustomed to even noticing them in our lives.

“Many people are alive but do not touch the miracle of being alive”. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer was an inspiring personality who spoke about experiencing miracles. Watch this video clip on YouTube to listen to his message:






How Can You Live Your True Dreams?

When I write, it usually starts with an idea. The ideas can come from almost anywhere, for example during sleep (which is a reason for sleeping with a notebook and a pen on my bedside table). Keeping a journal close to me at all times is a way of making sure that no ideas fall into lapse of memory.

Sometimes I start by picking a headline, but very often the headline changes in the end, or during the writing process. Like now: I thought about using “Chasing Your Dreams” or “Going After Your Dreams”, but instead, decided to simply pick “Living Your Dreams”. This because I believe chasing and going after are both actions that require being forceful, and when it comes to dreams, they either need to be fulfilled or quite simply, lived. Of course chasing and going after are options as well, but if it is a dream connected to your spirit, and your intention – you won ́t need to chase it. It will come to you, eventually, through LIVING in a way that eventually manifests everything that you truly want to achieve.

“What We Think, We Become. Our thoughts determine our reality.” (Gautama Buddha)

This reminded me of the story of a student and a Zen Master. The student, eager to learn, asked the Zen Master for guidance. The Zen Master invited the student to have a cup of tea, began to pour the tea into the cup – poured, poured, and poured, filling the cup until it was overflowing and the hot, boiling tea was spilled on the student’s lab. 

Student: “Stop! The cup is overflowing. It is already full!” 

Zen Master: “The cup is a symbol of your mind. You came here with a full mind. There was no place for anything new. A beginner ́s mind should never be full. Instead, it should always be empty, ready for new learning. How possibly can I teach you unless you first empty your cup?”

This lesson is good to remember at all times. We all come to the world to develop, learn, evolve, and grow. We all have it in us, the ability of being perfect as we are, but at the same time remembering that we can always learn something new, as long as we keep our minds open. 

Taking time for meditation every day is a great way of improving one’s life in many ways. Not only does meditation have a positive impact on our health in many ways, but it also helps us empty our minds. This, in turn, gives space for ideas, thoughts, and dreams popping up in our minds which existence we might not even have been aware of. 

To (re)discover your true dreams, start by emptying your mind, and see what a wonderful landscape your spirit consists of.