Tips for Making a Difference as a Leader

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Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch, for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow

Year 2015 is soon over. When you look back at this year, what do you see? What has taken place in your career, in your personal life, in the world around you? Have you achieved the things you wanted to achieve? 

If you have, congratulations upon your achievements. If not, why not? What have you failed to achieve? And, most importantly, why do you think you have failed to achieve your true ambitions and goals? What kinds of obstacles did have you faced this year? How did these obstacles and barriers affect your way of thinking, and your way of achieving your true desires, and making you fulfill your dreams? Did you even stop for a moment to reflect upon what you actually truly want to achieve, or did you stay within your comfort zone, postponing your actual desires?

If you have, NOW is the time to take action! NOW is the time to finally plan for year 2016, if you already haven´t. No matter if for the sake of your personal growth as a leader, for the sake of your (small) business, or for the sake of the organization(s) you serve. DREAM BIG, BUT ALSO: BE PREPARED TO WORK FOR YOUR PERSONAL GOALS. No one else is going to do it for you, only YOU personally are responsible for the actions you take. And, no one will ask you, or push you, especially if the goals are for you specifically, or for your small business. You will have to take the responsibility, make the planning, and stick to the goals you set yourself, and the actions you aim to take, and the results you aim to see either within yourself or within your business in the upcoming year(s).

There are no specific rules for making a difference. YOU make the rules. YOU personally have the responsibility for making the rules, for making the planning, and for actually taking the necessary steps in order to make a difference in 2016! Keep this in mind while planning for your future, both on a personal, and on a professional level. And, no matter how difficult it may seem, make sure to plan ahead for at least five years. It is easier said than done, especially in these turbulent times of constant insecurity and change, but nevertheless, make sure to make a five-year-plan both on personal and on professional levels, including:

Where do you/your business want to be in five years from now? 

That is in 2020. Planning your personal, and your professional lives, five years ahead is no easy task. Actual planning for years ahead requires courage, and the ability to take a risk of failing in your actual planning. NEVER MIND. Plan despite of the challenges of planning in the 21st century. Most leaders, small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups actually do fail due to the fact that they are incapable of planning for the upcoming years. BE DIFFERENT! BE BOLD! Take the risk, and make sure to plan for five years, or at least, for three years in advance. REMEMBER – YOU CAN ALWAYS ADJUST YOUR PLANS ALONG THE JOURNEY! Be like a sailor who knows how to adjust his/her sails during the journey – but also a sailor who has planned his/her journey in advance. If you want to cross the Pacific Sea, you must be capable of planning your journey, but also be prepared to meet unexpected challenges and storms during your trip.

How do your business/personal activities improve society around you?

We all want to make a positive difference in society, and in the world. At least this is how the majority works, and aims to lead their lives! Every individual, and leader with awareness and a pure, conscious mind, wants to give back to communities, and to society. It is our duty as human beings, and especially the duty of those who are doing (extraordinarily) well in their careers/personal lives. Make sure to plan ahead for humanitarian activities in your personal/business life – this is something every responsible (business) person, and leader does, and includes in their long-term planning. The purpose of your being here, and the purpose of all your activities, is not only to please your ego, but in fact to develop your higher self, your higher consciousness, take positive actions, and serve as an example to everyone around you. Your personal leadership does not require being a member of any specific organization, representing any specific business, or any specific religion – it is sufficient that you aim to make a POSITIVE difference by being yourself, making yourself and people around you happy, and at ease. Our world knows enough problems. Be a leader who knows how to reduce these problems instead of increasing them.

Take Yourself, Your Goals and Desires, and Your Plans Seriously!

If you TRULY, AND HUMBLY want to make a difference in our world, you MUST believe in yourself, in your dreams, and in your goals. You do not have to move mountains at once, but you have to be willing and ready to make even the smallest of differences in your every day life, and in your every day business. Every act matters, and small improvements when accumulated lead to huge differences in the world! Remember this, especially when you at times question yourself, your actions, and your plans, and whether they really do make a difference. THEY DO. AND, YOU DO. AS LONG AS YOU ACTUALLY DO STICK TO THE GOALS YOU HAVE SET YOURSELF. 

And, remember, no one will be there to push you but yourself, unless you hire someone to actually PUSH YOU & PUSH YOUR GOALS FURTHER IN LIFE, BOTH ON PERSONAL AND ON PROFESSIONAL LEVELS. 



Looking forward to reading your comments!

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