Why Make Climate Action Your Top Priority?


Our Mission is to protect and to hand on Planet Earth to the next generation. Make sure to be part of the solution.

Everyone is talking about it. These days, avoiding discussions about climate change on media is an impossibility, unless, literally, living in a cave or underground. Even those choosing not to consume media products will be aware of it. Climate change is everywhere around us – we only need to go outdoors, spend time in nature and observe for ourselves that something is changing. Climate change skeptics may refer to natural changes in climate over longer periods of time, yet evidence based upon research indicates that we human beings are causing temperatures to rise across our globe due to burning fossil fuels, leading to increased carbon dioxide levels: NASA Earth Observatory: The Carbon Cycle

In its efforts to improve the state of the world, the UN selected climate action as one of the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS aimed at transforming our world. A great reminder on the UNITED NATIONS DAY, 24 OCTOBER, which serves as a reminder to all nations and citizens of the world to remember our global commitment to co-operate and to fulfil these goals, all of which are equally important and interdependent. Understanding the effects of climate change upon poverty is rather simple. To learn about climate refugees, take time to read more at UNHCR: Climate Change and Disasters and, as another example, published by Scientific American, The Ominous Story of Syria´s Climate Refugees.

195 states of the world agreed upon, and signed the Paris Agreement in December 2015, legally binding countries to a global climate deal, entering into force in 2020. Needless to say, we all must realize what it takes to reach the goals. Some countries are more progressive than others, and many companies/organizations equally so. Richard Branson´s Virgin Voyages, as an inspiring example, is the first major cruise line co-operating with a re-known clean energy innovator. In Sweden, a recycling revolution takes place, with less than one per cent of household waste ending up in a rubbish dump. Examples are numerous, from small companies taking action in innovative ways, to larger enterprises, municipalities, cities and countries changing business practices and/or general policies.

To learn more about climate change and climate action, you are more than welcome to join Global Climate Change Think & Act Tank on LinkedIn. For climate news, we also welcome you to follow @GCCThinkActTank and @annemariayritys on Twitter.



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