Thank you for inspiring me!

I wanted to send a brief thank you note to all my new (and, old) contacts and friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other social media sites. It is truly amazing to be surrounded by so much greatness, so many beautiful and courageous individuals. You are all a great source of inspiration to me in these times of social networking and the Internet era. Keep on believing in yourselves people, and continue working with lots of passion and purpose in your lives. Especially for those who are entrepreneurs and/or self-employed, as I know very well how rough the road of self-employment and entrepreneurship can be. Of course, we all need encouragement and support on a regular basis, and if we cannot get that from people around us, we have to go deep within ourselves and seek inspiration from within. Although how I see things is that each one of us is a tiny part of the Universe, and we are all influenced by each other and things that happen around us. It takes great courage these days to be able of standing out from the crowd. Finding your own true path, your personal creativity and your personal voice in this “noisy” world can be quite difficult. It is a matter of selectivity and tapping into our stillness through various means, such as meditation, which is not easy for most people in a world where everything seems to become more and more hectic, unless we are capable of finding inner peace and security.


Bill Nye.jpg


Looking forward to reading your comments!

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