NGO´s Urge Shift To 100% Renewable Energy

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“Amnesty International and Greenpeace International: An urgent shift to 100 % renewable energy for all is essential to protect people from climate change”. (Greenpeace Press release. December 8th 2015).


Note from author: Renewable energy sources (RES) provide us with energy through natural processes, such as a variety of biological processes, wind, sunshine, water and geothermal heat. (ScienceDaily). In other words, these are sources of energy that cause less harm to our environment than e.g. the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil), oil drilling and nuclear energy. Although nuclear energy is often referred to as being a “clean” energy source, this is not the case. Nuclear plants around the world, according to the World Nuclear Association, currently produce about 11 % of total world energy. In Finland alone, more than 30% of energy is currently produced through nuclear energy. According to Geological Survey of Finland, nuclear energy produces radioactive waste which is harmful to human health. Although rather rare occasions, nuclear plants also include a number of risks, as we know from both Tchernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima Accident in 2011.


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