What Is Climate Change Mitigation?

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“EC. Climate Change Key Terms. Climate change mitigation = Action to reduce the net amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, and thus help to slow down the process of climate change resulting from human activities.”


Note from author: Since repetition is the mother of all learning, it is good to remain an eternal student and have an open-mind regarding just about anything. Many things, such as climate change terminology, may seem ordinary, but it is important to understand the very basic issues in order to increase one´s comprehension about an important matter. Even better: if and when you take the time not only to learn new things, but also teach your knowledge to others, you can rest assured that you will personally benefit and learn as well. We learn 95 % of the things we teach others, which is why everyone should not only be a life-long learner but also a teacher whenever possible.

As a repetition, the term climate change mitigation refers to decreasing the net amount of greenhouse gases released through human activities into our atmosphere. Climate and environmental research indicates the amount of polluting greenhouse gases that we release into Earth´s atmosphere through human activities, such as agriculture/farming, transportation/traffic, and all human consumption. To combat this development, businesses and countries now increasingly much invest into clean technologies, such as renewable energy sources, including solar energy. To remove the impact of human-caused greenhouse gases in Earth´s atmosphere, it is necessary for all of us to change our consumption habits, and the way we conduct business, into (more) sustainable solutions.

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