Why Are We Raping Our Soils?

Global Climate Change (65)

“NSW Government. Office of Environment & Heritage. Examples of soil degradation: water erosion, wind erosion, salinity, loss of organic matter, fertility decline, soil acidity or alkalinity, structure decline, mass movement, soil contamination.”


Note from author: In addition to air pollution, ocean acidification, ruthless geoengineering, lack of recycling and a number of other environmental problems we are facing on our planet, you have to start taking soil degradation seriously. Why? Let me list a couple of hard facts:

  • Soil degradation through a number of activities, such as poor soil management, leads to serious problems that affects us all. It is not something that just occurs to your nasty neighbor or someone who lives in another country. If you have not yet realized this, let me get straight to the point: Unless you are a 100% self-sufficient farmer, you depend on about half of the world every day, even before your breakfast has been served. Think about that.
  • The more we rape our soils around the world, the less will we be able to produce. In addition, when we pollute our skies and water sources, the same pollution ultimately ends up in our soils. So stop being a co-criminal of raping our Earth´s ecosystems and make sure to take responsibility for your consumption and behavior.

If this was not enough of argument to convince you, watch this video:


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