Climate Change Poses Several Health Risks

Global Climate Change (68)

“WHO. Changes in the global climate bring a variety of risks to health, from deaths in extreme high temperatures to changing patterns of infectious diseases.”


Note from author: The consequences of climate change affect not only our environment and livelihood on the planet in general, but does also endanger human health in a number of ways. Increasing droughts, extreme heatwaves, floods etc. expose people (and, all life on Earth) to e.g. tropical diseases. Natural disasters are followed-up by more risks of e.g. diarrhea and many other diseases. In addition, due to thawing permafrost in the Arctic regions we may be facing surprising health problems since decayed plants and animals get exposed, releasing e.g. methane which is at least 25 times as powerful as a greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide. Who knows for sure what lies ahead of us?

Following video, published by Climate State, discusses The Health Risks of Climate Change:

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