One Person Per Second Displaced Due To Natural Hazards Worldwide

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“IDMC. Since 2008, an average of 26.4M people per year have been displaced from their homes by disasters brought on by natural hazards. One person per second on the average.”


Note from author: IDMC is the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre which was established in 1998 “to fill an important knowledge gap on the global scale and patterns of internal displacement.” (IDMC).

Today, conflicts often arise as a consequence of natural disasters, such as extreme drought. The ongoing Syrian civil war, for example, is thought to have its roots in human-caused climate change. (ScienceDirect. Political Geography. Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited. Volume 60. September 2017, pages 232-244). Read the whole article here: Climate change and the Syrian civil war revisited

An example video: India´s Water Crisis: A Warning To The World:

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