Climate Mitigation Necessary To Prevent Displacements

Global Climate Change (75).jpg

“UNHCR, The Environment & Climate Change. Unless strong climate mitigation and adaptation measures are implemented worldwide, along with disaster-preparedness and disaster risk reduction measures, the likelihood of displacements will continue to grow.”


According to current estimations, the number of climate refugees will grow up to 150 MILLION (150.000.000) by 2050, unless necessary actions are being taken to prevent this from happening. At the moment, one person PER SECOND is forced to flee their home due to climate change. That makes 3.600 persons per hour, 86.400 persons per day, 604.800 persons per week, 2.592.000 persons per month and 31.536.000 persons per year, on the average. Huge numbers. For a moment, put yourself in the shoes in one of these climate refugees lives, and try to imagine how YOU would feel if this happened to you.


The World’s First Climate Refugees



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