Food Availability Worldwide Will Be Compromised By Climate Change

Global Climate Change (87).jpg

“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. Food availability will be compromised by projected yield declines across the crop, livestock, fisheries and aquaculture sectors.”


It is time for the world population to rethink and to change old habits, find completely new solutions and innovate to create a sustainable world. There is no single country in this world that will be spared from the consequences of climate change. We have already consumed most of this world´s fresh water resources, and are now consuming ground water. Needless to say, nothing on this planet can exist without fresh water. We need fresh water for EVERYTHING.

We simply cannot afford continue poor soil management practices, cutting down too many forests/tropical forests, polluting our environment and the air we breathe, over-fishing, and consuming too much of everything without any proper action and or understanding of what kinds of impacts this has on our environment and nature, ourselves and our livelihoods, and ultimately, future generations. How we live and consume today has a direct impact on our society as a whole, and on what we leave behind to our children, or the children of other people for those who have no biological children.

Anthropogenic climate change is not something that occurs only to a number of regions or people in this world. It affects all of us. And, the faster we take responsible actions and reshape our consumption habits, the faster will we experience positive results, and, can look forward to more healthy years on our planet. Climate change, affecting all of us, also requires that everyone of us takes action on a personal level by improving our individual consumption habits. We can all very easily make smarter choices and influence businesses to become increasingly much sustainable, because healthy environments and healthy lives are rights that belong to all of us. We all deserve to live in clean and peaceful environments and societies.

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