Climate Change Knows No National Boundaries

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“UN Sustainable Development Goals. Climate change is a global challenge that does not respect national borders.”


The message is clear and simple: Climate change does and will not ask anyone of us, or our countries, whether we want our climate(s) to change. However, one thing is certain: we all have an influence upon our climate, through our consumption habits, and we can all influence how our climate is being shaped now, and in the future. Are you aware of the fact that even a slight increase in our global mean average temperature will have significant impacts on our environment, and on the climate? This is the reason for the Paris Agreement, whereby nations all over the world agreed upon and signed up for the Paris Agreement, legally stating that the signatory countries WILL TAKE ACTION to prevent our climate from further warming through human activities on this planet.

The Paris Agreement does not bind only nations/states and/or decision-makers, but requires for all citizens in the world to take action. Instead of playing a blame-game by throwing dirt on decision-makers only, let YOUR individual voice (and, action!) be heard and seen in how you make necessary changes in your consumption habits, and become a voice/role model for change.

Watch TEDx Talks “Why every action in the fight against climate change counts/Caroline Westblom/TEDxBergen:

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