Why Has The Arctic Warmed So Much?

Arctic (27)

Why is the Arctic region warming so much? We already have scientific evidence for the fact that the rate of warming in the Arctic region, and elsewhere on our planet, is unnatural. Although climate change occurs naturally on our planet, research evidence indicates with 100 % certainty that the current warming of our planet is anthropogenic, i.e. man-made.

The current warming of our planet is caused by the immense amount of greenhouse gas emissions and other toxins released into Earth´s atmosphere through human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels include oil, gas and coal, the origin of which are living organisms that were buried millions of years ago. Over time, pressure and heat have transformed these living organisms into fossil fuels, the usage of which releases harmful greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, into Earth´s atmosphere, ending up everywhere around our planet, creating a(n) (artificial) greenhouse trapping heat inside of it.

According to e.g. NASA – What´s causing the poles to warm faster than the rest of Earth?, both the South Pole (Antarctica) and the North Pole (Arctic Region), are warming at least twice as fast as the rest of our planet. This can be explained through the Albedo effect, whereby light surfaces absorb less heat than dark surfaces. Thus, when an area is covered by thick layers of ice and snow, it reflects back the heat from the sun´s rays more efficiently than a dark surface.

Therefore, when large areas of ice and snow disappear, this development accelerates and causes the area that once was better protected by the light surface (ice, snow) to warm faster than before. Ultimately, the rapid warming of both poles, here especially the Arctic Region, causes our whole planet to warm more and more. This is the main reason for the warming of the Arctic Region (and, Antarctica) being of out most importance when conducting research upon the climate changes and changes in weather patterns around our globe.

Learn more by watching NASA Goddard´s video “NASA – The Arctic and the Antarctic Respond in Opposite Ways”:


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