Arctic Well-Being Essential For Earth

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It is about time even for the most critical climate change skeptics to open their minds eye and see what is happening around our world. To begin with, we live on a round planet, where everything we do has an effect upon our direct and indirect environment and society. It is a fact that if and when you eat your breakfast, you have already depended upon much of our world.

Just think about where your morning coffee, tea and/or juice comes from. Or the water you drink. Or your porridge, bacon, sandwich – depending upon what you consume in the morning, and throughout the whole day. Much of the food we consume, or the raw materials, are being imported from around the world. Just think about the complete process from planting the seed to the final product ending up either on your plate or in your glass/mug. Does it fall there from heaven? If not, how does it end up there?

The same applies to our world and its geographical regions. No one has to be more than averagely intelligent to understand this. It just seems that we many times seem to take many things for granted, forgetting that everything we do does have an effect upon not only ourselves, but on the whole planet.

Just because you or I happen to live in a region that has plenty of fresh water resources does not signify that we should go around wasting it as much as we want to. That is extremely selfish. Especially now that fresh water becomes increasingly much a scarce resource in more and more places around our world. While some of us waste fresh water without no consideration for the consequences, many people in this world do not even have access to clean, fresh water. Does this mean that those of us who are fortunate enough have to start feeling guilty and starve as so many people on this planet do? Of course not. Only that we all should be increasingly much considerate in our overall consumption habits. This applies not only to fresh water and food, but to everything.

The world has enough to feed every person´s need, but not every person´s greed.

– Mahatma Gandhi

When the Arctic region warms faster and faster, losing much of its protective ice sheet and glaciers melting, this has an irreversible effect both on the Arctic region and on the rest of this planet. Much of the world´s fresh water resources are stored in the Arctic glaciers. When these melt, the fresh water gets mixed with salty ocean water. A complete waste of energy and time, if and when salty ocean water has to be desalinated. In addition, the warming Arctic region releases increasingly much greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide and methane) into Earth´s atmosphere, warming our planet and changing climates all over the world. Ice sheets and glaciers melting in the Arctic also increase rainfall in certain regions, and contribute to sea levels rising throughout the Earth.

Learn more about the Arctic region by watching Big Think´s video “President of Iceland, Ólafur R. Grímsson: The Arctic is the New Political Playing Field” (note from author: Grímsson served as the President of Iceland 1996-2016):


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