Arctic Climate Change Leads to Major Impacts on the Environment

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It is already crystal clear that Arctic climate change and warming leads to climate change and warming everywhere else on Earth. The damage that has already been caused by human beings is irreversible, since scientists think that there is no returning back to what once was. The question is, how can we minimize anthropogenic influences upon the Arctic region´s and Earth´s climate from now on, and, in the future? Climate research and science is essential in order to develop an understanding of what is happening both in the Arctic, in Antarctica and everywhere else on Earth.

Despite of the many efforts already being taken around our planet, the carbon dioxide levels in Earth´s atmosphere have been higher than ever in 2017. We have to work smarter and make serious efforts i.e. take action upon stopping this development, according to what was agreed in Paris in 2015.

The Paris Agreement, like the Montreal Protocol, have to be taken seriously: it was not until the huge holes in Earth´s ozone layer, caused by the usage of destructive halocarbons by human beings, were discovered that leaders and governments forced themselves to take action in order to protect our ozone layer from further damage, hoping to restore the damage once caused through anthropogenic activities.

Now we are facing an increasingly much dangerous situation, whereby Earth can no longer deal with all the greenhouse gases, toxins and pollution that are being released by thoughtless human beings. We have to be able to learn from our past mistakes and focus upon creating a sustainable environment for biodiversity and for future generations. One major step in this process includes taking into consideration the changes and warming that is occurring in Earth´s both poles: the Arctic region and Antarctica, both of which are scarcely inhabited, remote geographical regions, yet, which have a major impact upon Earth´s overall climate.

Learn more about why President Obama banned future offshore oil drilling in the Arctic by watching CBS News´s video “President Obama bans future offshore oil drilling in Arctic”:

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