How Can You Save Fresh Water?

What are you doing to save fresh water?

It can be something as simple as not letting the water drop/run freely while brushing your teeth. Showering 5 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes.

Small actions when multiplied by millions of people lead to big results.

We live in a time where fresh water scarcity is already affecting most of the world population either directly or indirectly. We are already tapping into our groundwater resources all over the world. The situation is critical.

Four tenths (4/10) of total world population is already directly affected by fresh water scarcity. Millions of people live in poverty, without access to any fresh water at all.

Majority of wastewater around the world is being dumped directly into our environment and nature without any kind of treatment i.e. purification, which is a huge problem for the entire planet’s ecosystem and for healthy lives.

Learn how you can take action, even small steps. Start by spreading this message. Feel free to comment about your efforts to save water. Thank you. 

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