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How Can You Save Fresh Water?

What are you doing to save fresh water?

It can be something as simple as not letting the water drop/run freely while brushing your teeth. Showering 5 minutes instead of 10-15 minutes.

Small actions when multiplied by millions of people lead to big results.

We live in a time where fresh water scarcity is already affecting most of the world population either directly or indirectly. We are already tapping into our groundwater resources all over the world. The situation is critical.

Four tenths (4/10) of total world population is already directly affected by fresh water scarcity. Millions of people live in poverty, without access to any fresh water at all.

Majority of wastewater around the world is being dumped directly into our environment and nature without any kind of treatment i.e. purification, which is a huge problem for the entire planet’s ecosystem and for healthy lives.

Learn how you can take action, even small steps. Start by spreading this message. Feel free to comment about your efforts to save water. Thank you. 

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H20 (Fresh Water) – Scarce Resource and Necessity of All Life

Artist: Dan/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID-100127432
Artist: Dan/Freedigitalphotos.net. ID-100127432

If there is magic on this planet it is contained in water (Loran Eisely)

Last morning I woke up at 5 a.m. and went into the kitchen to have a glass of water, but nothing came out of the tap. In only a few seconds of time a number of thoughts crossed my mind, and although fearless about many things I must admit that the thought of running out of fresh water causes a small panic in me. Without fresh tap water, how would I be able to brew my morning coffee, and take a shower?

A couple of hours later the same morning, fresh tap water was available again, and I remembered the pipe renovation works in my neighborhood. The pipe renovation workers had started out early in the morning and turned off the fresh water supply for a while. Short break in fresh water supply, but enough to wake me up and remind me about what actually is the most important asset and necessity in life.

You do not know what you have got until it is gone. Water is the basic necessity of all life, and has unfortunately become a luxury that not everyone has access to. Do not waste it.

Do we take the existence and access to fresh, clean water, for granted?

The answer is yes, we do. 

All of us who have access to fresh, clean water every day, without having to think about whether water is available or not. However, we should not take water for granted, since according to estimations based upon research made e.g. by the United Nations, 2/3 (two-thirds) of world population will live in water scarcity already in 2025. Needless to say, we can all without difficulties understand what this signifies for all world population. Water scarcity is something that affects, and will affect, us all, both directly and indirectly.

What can we do to appreciate, and save fresh water? We can all start by understanding that each one of us can make a difference through understanding, learning, sharing information/knowledge, changing our ways of consumption in general, and developing new, sustainable ways in how e.g. business, and agriculture are run. Learn the basics of fresh water supply by watching the following TED video “Where we get our fresh water”:


With a rapid growth of world population (7,3 billion today according to World Population Clock) understanding the importance of fresh water supply and availability for everyone upon Planet Earth is a necessity that we cannot afford to ignore. Every individual can make a difference with his/her personal choices, and by sharing knowledge and educating others about the importance of sustainable development.

Learn more about freshwater resources (YouTube video produced by Robert Goettler):

Thank you for reading, reflecting, learning, commenting, sharing awareness, and educating others about the importance of thoughtfulness in fresh water consumption, and sustainable business development.

Water Scarcity, and Waterless World?