ALERT 101: Stop Ignoring Climate Change

Alert: we must stop global warming and bring down global average temperatures as soon as possible to avoid natural disasters and catastrophes everywhere on this planet, including the Arctic region.
The more we burn fossil fuels and release toxins into our regional and global environments, the worse the situation gets: the global mean average temperature increases more and more, especially damaging the more forests and nature we burn down.
Extensive droughts around the world and other extreme weather events are the result of anthropogenic climate change whereby the harmful actions carried out by human beings around our globe are leading to these phenomena.
A number of research and sources indicate that unless action is being taken NOW to lower and to bring down the global average temperatures, we are running out of time to save our environment and the home planet we live in.
This is also the true purpose behind the Paris Agreement which was signed by almost all countries worldwide in Paris in December 2015. The very same agreement that current US President Donald Trump resigned from, because he is too short-sighted and ignorant to see and to understand environmental contexts, issues and well-being.
It is about time that the far-spread ignorance and stupidity among people on this planet ends. We cannot lose or waste any more time to turn the sheets towards a healthier planet, where our environment is appreciated and being taken seriously in terms of all life on Earth.
If we continue damaging our home planet at this rate, we may have to face extremely serious consequences within only ten years, or within the upcoming decades.
The seriousness of our environmental well-being is the reason why I continue to inform and educate people around the world on this topic, a cause that I have worked for since many years now.
Open your eyes, learn, and see what happens to our environment around the world. Stop ignoring the hard facts and truth.
Anne-Maria Yritys 2018. 

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