How Much do You Appreciate Your Work?

We appreciate what we have worked for. Do you agree?

How this all happened (the production process of the apple photo series):

– I biked 35 km to find this wild apple tree
– I took photos of the apple tree
– I picked the apples
– I biked back home (included in the 35 km)
– I prepared the apples from cutting them to smashing them
– I took some more photos
– I used an app to edit the photos on my smartphone
– I shared the edited photos on Instagram
– I shared the edited photos from Instagram to Facebook

Who helped me?

1. Our beloved nature produced the apples
2. The bike I own (produced by Helkama) allowed for me to bike to the apple tree
3. The camera I used allowed for me to take the photos
4. The mobile app allowed for me to edit the photos
5. Instagram allowed for me to upload the edited photos + share them to Facebook
6. Facebook allowed Instagram to post on my behalf from my Instagram account to my personal Facebook profile.
7. My personal FB profile allowed me to share this post further.

Never underestimate creativity, hard work or doing things on your own. But please never forget that everything you achieve and do always involves our environment and other people around us.

I could not have created this single post without a) the environment/nature b) the apple tree c) various social media apps/platforms that allow for me to share this with you.

Always appreciate what you are given. Do not take people or things for granted.

#selfmade #applesauce #smashedapples🍎 #organicfood #vegan #vegetarian #noaddedsugar


Looking forward to reading your comments!

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