How Can You Become A Better Consumer?

You don’t always have to buy clothes. You can receive clothes as gifts, through recycling or just find clothes outdoors, in nature; earlier this year, I found a pair of sports shorts outdoors, which still had a price tag on them. Today, I found a pair of Regatta ́s Pack It black outdoor trousers, perfectly suitable. Now I ́ll just wash them and use them.


I have also found sunglasses, cycling glasses, torches and cash (money) outdoors this year. Is there something our environment wants to tell me by sending me all these free gifts?


At least it is highly recommended to keep both your eyes and your other senses open while outdoors, as you never know what you will encounter or find.


Recycling is no longer a trend, but a necessity for all human beings.


Our Earth can no longer take human greed and a desire for overconsumption of poor-quality goods. The global garment industry is one of the worst environmental polluters beside agriculture and fossil fuels.


Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider what kinds of textiles to use, and whether you always have to buy first hand instead of buying second hand clothes. Or, does one ́s closet have to be full of unnecessary clothes when one can live with less than? There is nothing worse than people buying poor-quality clothes and textiles, especially when most of these dust in the closet and go unused. Or, when textiles are being thrown away instead of being recycled.


For instance H&M has for a long time already been recycling textiles and clothes, and it is possible to recycle usable clothes e.g. through UFF unless one wants to try to sell them second hand.





Looking forward to reading your comments!

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