Climate March Helsinki 2018

Climate March Helsinki October 2018

More than 8.000 climate change activists and tens of NGO´s including Greenpeace Finland, Unicef and many others participated in Helsinki climate march on October 20th 2018, demanding the government of Finland to take action with regard to climate change. Despite of being a sparsely populated country, Finland and finnish citizens are among the most polluting (per capita) on a global scale.

Käyttäkää järkeä, Use common sense
Ilmasto on tärkeä. Climate is important

Nyt on pakko toimia, We must take action NOW
Ilmasto ei odota. Climate does not wait

Pallomme on ainoa, We have only this one Earth
sitä ei voi korvata. It is irreplaceable

Jo riittää spedeily, Enough of stupidity
päästöt alas heti nyt. Down with emissions

Nyt riittää jauhanta, Stop the nonsense
vaadimme ilmastotoimia. We demand climate action

Nyt on aika tajuta, It is about time to realize
ilmasto ei odota. Climate does not wait

Meillä on voimia, We are powerful
pallo tarvii toimia. The Earth needs climate action

Loppu soiden tuholle Stop damaging peatlands
tai pallo menee pilalle. or the Earth will sour

Ilmastomarssi, ilmastolakko. Climate march, climate strike
Seis tämä farssi, nyt on pakko. End this farce before it is too late.

#Ilmastomarssi #climatemarch