Leadership is no Rocket Science – Or is it?

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. (Edward Teller)

As an avid leadership enthusiast, curious by nature, always eager to learn and to explore the known, and, the unknown, creative, intelligent, exploring, enthusiastic, developing, evolving, analytical and deep-thinking you may have learned that leadership is no rocket science, but in fact something that every single individual can develop within herself, or within himself.

Leadership skills can be learned and developed within any individual, but it requires more than repetition to become a leader. If you already make progress in your personal life and career through developing leadership skills within yourself, the effort is worthwhile. Not everyone has to, or wants to, become the next Prime Minister of his/her country, or an exceptionally well-known, difference-making leader. But, as long as you are capable of developing leadership skills in order to improve your life, expanding your knowledge, personal development is always in place, and useful.

I have written much about general leadership skills and qualities, but instead of repeating these over and over again, I would like to emphasize some leadership qualities that are not so commonly discussed in leadership reviews/ articles/ literature.

Although leadership, and being a leader (at least in your personal life), is no rocket science, you may want to tap into your personal leadership potential keeping in mind following potential facts:

– True Leaders Dare to be Extravagant

Be brave enough to explore, create, and make use of your extravagant ideas and thoughts. Many people will probably try to convince you the opposite, but do not listen to conservatives if you personally do believe in your concept, and the thing you would like to create, manifest, and materialize. Our world is full of conservatives who never like to try out anything new, so creativity and extravagant actions are more than welcome. A very good example is the multi-talented artist Lady Gaga, probably not accepted by everyone due to her extravagant style, but yet millions and millions of people do admire her, and do love her brave, creative style. And, did Pablo Picasso ask people what they thought about his paintings? This creative, artistic genius listened to his inner voice, developed as an artist throughout his career and created some of the most magnificent paintings mankind so far, has seen.

– True Leaders do not only think out of the box. They think like there is no box.

If, and when, we spend year after year working for a salary in a neat organization, fulfilling everyone else´s dreams but the one´s we have in our minds (regarding our personal lives), we in fact look for security instead of creating ourselves the way we truly want to. If this is the way you want to lead yourself and your life, OK, but is there not much more to life than fulfilling the needs of others, and living your life according to the expectations of others, including your employer? This is especially true if you are working in poor conditions, and if your personal input is not valued by your employer. Taking ownership and leading your own life is not always simple, especially if you are used to working for others. Nevertheless, taking ownership of your own life and your personal career signifies that you will have to rethink, re-evaluate, and reorganize your professional life in a way that suits you, and gives you the opportunity to create a whole new life, without any boxes or restrictions.

– True Leaders think, and act, into the future

Every day, try to find at least one hour, or even twenty minutes to meditate in order to create an empty space within your mind. In your meditation, focus upon forgetting everything that you were, what you currently are, and what kind of society you are living in. Give yourself this empty space every day, and notice how your thoughts and feelings start shifting, allowing for you to tap into new creative potential. Emptiness is the source of new creations, and in order to innovate yourself and the society you live in, you will have to learn how to unlearn useless patterns and behaviors of your life.

– True Leaders Expand their personal horizons by learning something new every day

Promise yourself to become, or to stay, curious in your life. Do not accept things as they come to you, especially if and when you notice that this specific something is draining your energies rather than adding value to your life. Instead, do something new every day, no matter how small or how insignificant this may seem. Creativity, and personal leadership, requires the ability to tap into new possibilities and to unlearn certain patterns and behaviors in your current life.

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Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and for unlearning certain behaviors and patterns that may not serve your personal growth and development as an individual and professional.



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