Why is Balanced Leadership More Important than Ever?

A well-balanced, inclusive approach, according to certain standards and ideals, is essential for the proper governance of any country (Laisenia Qarase) 

One of the core responsibilities for leaders of the 21st century is to create, and to develop organizations and societies where both femininity and masculinity are well-balanced. This is a responsibility for men and women equally. Women have to stand up for their rights as equal citizens and human beings regardless of, and forgetting about, what may have been true in history, and in the past. It is time to leave the past behind, and focus upon improving organizations and societies holistically by giving women equal opportunities in any cultural setting. Although a challenge for women themselves to stand up for their equal rights and for justice to be served in a currently male influence and power dominated world, also men have to support this development.

The Nordic countries, including Finland, are among the most equal countries in the world, where women have since long had equal rights with men, including the right to vote, the right to study and to practice a profession of their choice, the right to engage in activities such as riding a bicycle, something that is regarded as a taboo for women in certain countries. For a Nordic woman and for women in the developed world economies it is difficult to understand why riding a bicycle would be somehow unacceptable for the other gender. Why should this not be the case when the same human rights apply for every individual? Although the right for women to ride a bicycle is among the smallest of problems on our path towards gender equality and balanced leadership, it is among one of the most ridiculous taboos from a feminist perspective.

Leaders have to be trained and mentored to see things from a completely new perspective. Regardless of the equal status of both men and women e.g. in Finland, even in this what we like to call progressive state, women still do face, and have to deal with gender biases and discrimination due to gender. In the past years, developments have taken place to include a certain percentage of women into the decision-making boards of organizations. Some have criticized this, stating that leadership is not about gender, but rather about personality, suggesting that there need not be a legislation regarding board structures, or how organizations and countries are governed.

Of course these changes and structures are needed, and they are urgently needed throughout our globe because a) our world needs to be balanced, and balance can only be created and developed when all human beings are treated according to the Universal Human Rights Conventions, and not according to which gender they belong to; b) femininity and masculinity are part of every human being, and it is about time that leaders, and citizens in general, allow for both femininity and masculinity to thrive in a balanced way throughout our world.

In a balanced organization (society/world), working towards a common objective, there is success (Arthur Helps)

Why do leaders have to create, and to develop balance in the world?

To simplify the arguments for the response to this question, leaders (and people in general) could ask themselves the question: Why is a banana yellow? Or, why is sea water so salty? Why do we have roses in so many colors in this world? Why do we, as human beings, even see colors? When we have been given all the beauty that exists in our world, and in the Universe, should we ignore this beauty or give all colors equal opportunities, and equal rights to thrive in a Universe that was created not to satisfy the egos of some, but to serve as a home and place of well-being for all living, including flora and fauna.

Our world as a whole, including animals, nature and people, regardless of gender or other external attributes, deserves balance. Everyone deserves balance. Everyone deserves peace.

How can we achieve balance?

Balance is a way of being, and in order to create change, and develop ourselves and the world around us, we need to empty our minds and see things from a completely new perspective. Forget about old patterns and behaviors, and allow for ourselves and for other individuals to think in completely new ways. Balance has to be achieved inwardly so that it can be mirrored into the outside world, and create the changes that our world both deserves and needs.

The Business of Gender Balanced Leadership:

Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, and for unlearning certain behaviors and patterns that may not serve your personal growth and development as a leader and a globally aware, unbiased professional. Thank you also for developing qualities in yourself and in your environment that support the creation and development of balanced, equal, and non-discriminating leadership. 






Looking forward to reading your comments!

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