All Sectors Must Contribute To Stop Climate Change

Global Climate Change (34).jpg

“European Commission/EU 2050 Roadmap: All sectors of the economy will be required to contribute to the low-carbon transition according to their technological and economic potential.”


Note from author: The sectors emitting most greenhouse gases and thus polluting our common environment are the energy sector, including transportation, industrial processes and product use; agriculture, land use and forestry, waste management. (eurostat. Greenhouse gas emission statistics). Therefore, a transformation towards renewable energy sources and sustainable agriculture will have major impacts upon the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. The smarter we plan our consumption, including the packaging of products, and learn how to manage (i.e. recycle) our waste, the better will we protect our environment. The goal is to recycle 100% of ALL waste. In Sweden, this is already almost a reality. Sweden is even IMPORTING waste from around the world and using this waste as fuel for energy production. Many countries could learn a lot from Sweden in terms of waste management.

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