The EU Aims To Decarbonise The Power Sector By 2050

Global Climate Change (35).jpg

“European Commission/EU 2050 Roadmap: The decarbonisation of the power sector should be practically complete by 2050.”


Note from author: In the European Union, we have very ambitious and clear goals. There are of course variations between different countries, even in Europe. The case is the same all around the world. In the United States for example, the well-known oil state Texas is a forerunner in regard to renewable energy sources, e.g. solar power. California is another state in the U.S.A. that has made a lot of progress in terms of climate action and transforming its economy in a sustainable manner – nevertheless, experts from Silicon Valley have made clear that they are far behind e.g. in comparison to climate actions and sustainable development in Sweden, a leading country in terms of climate issues. Furthermore, there are huge variations between countries in Asia too. In Russia, recycling and environmental issues are at a very poor level, as in so many other countries in Asia. Bhutan has become the world´s first organic nation by taking massive measures to protect the country´s environment, including all that lives, flora and fauna.

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