Cleantech Investments Bring Significant Benefits To Tackle Climate Change

Global Climate Change (37)

“European Commission/EU 2050 Roadmap: Additional investments will bring significant co-benefits through innovation, development of new growth sectors, a reduction of resource consumption, less dependency on energy imports, and health benefits.”


Note from author: The European Union plays a major role in climate funding, not only in Europe, but around the world, supporting e.g. a number of developing countries financially to build sustainable environments/societies. By 2020, at least 20% of the total EU budget will be spent on climate action. This is a significant percentage of the European Union´s budget. (European Commission 2017).

A few useful links to learn more about the European Union´s efforts to tackle climate change and contribute to a sustainable world:

EC Climate Action – International Climate Finance

EC Climate Action – EU demonstrates commitment to developing countries by stepping up climate finance to €17.6 bln

European Environment Agency – Climate change policies

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