Climate Change Has Serious Impacts On Our Global Environment

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“European Commission. Climate Change Factsheet 2015: Polar ice caps are melting, sea levels rising and glaciers retreating, threatening the existence of low-lying island states and coastal communities, while the melting of glaciers is putting millions of people at risk of floods, eventually depriving them of fresh water resources.”


Note from author: We are experiencing floods around the world in many areas as a consequence of natural hazards. Some geographical regions, also called “climate hot spots”, are affected more than others. The ability of a certain region to recover from an extreme weather event, as we recently have witnessed e.g. in the coastal area of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and in many other regions around the world, varies. Not only is this a question of how severe the weather event is, but also a question of e.g. construction and infrastructure.

To see a complete list of all (recent) floods around the world, visit FloodList

You may be surprised by the fact how common floods are around the world. In Europe alone, according to the European Environment Agency, the number of flood events from 1980 to 2010 was registered to a total of 3,563 floods, and the number is expected to increase five fold by 2050. Reported by the UN, flood disasters around the world affected 2.3 billion people and killed 157.000 between 1995-2015.

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