Climate Change Impacts Human Health

Global Climate Change (52)

“European Commission. Climate Change Factsheet 2015: Climate change has direct impacts on human health. E.g. heatwaves contribute to thousands of premature deaths. Global warming may also encourage the spread of tropical diseases.”


Note from author: According to a number of sources, including the National Geographic, deadly heatwaves could threaten majority (74%) of humankind by 2100, unless we manage to diminish carbon and greenhouse gas emissions and lower Earth´s temperatures. A study published by Nature Climate Change in June 2017 states that up to a third of the Earth´s population today is faced with deadly climatic conditions for at least 20 days per year. Many of us do like sunshine and warm weather, but when these become extreme, or even causing a significant number of deaths, it is no longer enjoyable or healthy. With extreme weather events, including floods and heat waves, there is also an increased risk of tropical diseases spreading in completely new ways and into new areas, and a risk of tropical diseases worsening the situation in regions that already are affected by these.

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