Why Is Deforestation So Detrimental?

Global Climate Change (61)

“National Geographic. Deforestation: Forests cover about 30% of the Planet, but deforestation is clearing Earth´s forests on a massive scale. At the current rate, the world´s rain forests could completely vanish in 100 years.”


Note from author: The following article was published by Christopher Searles, Founder and President at BioIntegrity, LLC:

Least Expensive Way to Reduce CO2

and definitely worth reading to understand better what kind of a role tropical forests have in the Earth´s ecosystem. Of course, all forests are equally important. Deforestation and the loss of forests through e.g. forest fires/wildfires is extremely detrimental to our environment, already since a lost forest is not so quickly replaced.

Following video discusses the causes, problems and conservation techniques of deforestation:


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