Half of World Population Already Affected By Water Scarcity

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“WHO. Globally, (fresh)water scarcity already affects four out of every 10 people. Poor water quality also increases the risk of diarrhoea and trachoma.”


A lack of fresh water is (no longer) a nightmare that people in a number of African countries have to live with, as e.g. I was taught as a child. Another raw fact is that we actually do have enough fresh water resources for ALL living beings on Earth, humans, animals, and plants, but there is a greedy and corrupted elite that does not care about the welfare of others, and who instead consume at least thousand times more fresh water than they would actually need, leaving others to suffer.

The shortage of fresh water is not a question of availability, but rather of greediness and lack of empathy for those in need, and, of course, a firm belief by ruthless human beings who think they deserve better and more than others. What does not surprise me at all is that the United States is the biggest consumer worldwide, per capita, of the world´s fresh water resources, followed by the United Arab Emirates. If every greedy person on this planet would take a look in the mirror + after that long look make even small adjustments to his/her consumption habits, we could actually reduce fresh water usage drastically and enable that every person on this planet has access to clean, fresh water which is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. The problem is no longer only that the poorest people have no access to fresh water, since almost half of world population now lack access to clean, fresh water, including the “middle class” in many countries. So, act now and do something before it is too late.

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