Rising Sea Levels Could Cause Population Displacements in Coastal Areas

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“WHO. More than 50% of the world´s population now lives within 60 kilometres of shorelines. Rising sea levels increase the risk of coastal flooding, and could cause population displacement.”


We are experiencing serious floods all over the world, not only in the United States that was hit by several hurricanes on its East Coast this Fall, causing billions of dollars of damage and leaving many people without a home to return to. In Europe, the amount of floods is expected to grow with 60% by 2050.

According to WeatherWar101 on YouTube, Paris and Europe Floods – Proof all are Entirely Manmade:

What do you think? Do we have a weather war going on in our world, where the weather is on purpose being manipulated through geoengineering, causing natural disasters such as extreme drought, wildfires, extraordinarily severe hurricanes, floods, and even mountains breaking apart? Let me know your thoughts.
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