How Can Global Temperatures Be Stabilized?

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“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. We have a window of opportunity to stabilize global temperatures to safe levels but we must act now.”


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) states in its updated strategy (Rome, July 2017) that “we have a window of opportunity to stabilize global temperatures to safe levels but we must act now”.

What does this signify? What kinds of measures can and should be taken in order to achieve this goal?

First of all, climate (change) research indicates that the Earth´s climate is changing rapidly due to anthropogenic climate change, i.e. drastic changes on our planet, caused by human activities such as releasing immense amounts of greenhouse gases into our Earth´s atmosphere. As a consequence of these changes, responsible businesses, individuals and organizations around the world are taking rapid action in order to halt this development, and, hopefully, being able to turn it around in order to ensure us, and future generations, a planet where life can continue to exist and to thrive.

One major effort in our combat against climate change is the Paris Agreement, which was signed and adopted by 195 countries in December 2015. According to the Paris Agreement, countries have agreed upon taking necessary actions against dangerous climate change by limiting global warming, and keeping it well below 2°C. Being responsible for majority of greenhouse gas emissions, developed/industrialized countries carry the heaviest responsibilities in taking measures to halt the warming of our planet. Some countries, including Denmark and Sweden, are in fact more ambitious in their measures towards creating a sustainable environment and economy, suggesting that the Paris Agreement, in addition to what has been agreed and compromised upon, acts simultaneously as a guideline, whereby each country naturally is allowed to transform their economy sustainably to a level well above the Paris Agreement.

Some key factors to stabilizing local/global temperatures are:

  • Drastic reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Overall action towards ecological/environmentally friendly solutions
  • Smart urban planning, see e.g. smart cities
  • Sustainable agricultural and farming practices
  • Transformation of the energy sector
  • Environmental protection, e.g. responsible forestry and minimizing deforestation

Watch SciShow´s “A History of Earth´s Climate” to gain more understanding about the difference between general climate change AND anthropogenic climate change:


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