Climate Change Impacts Food Safety & Health

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“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. Climate change affects food utilization primarily through its impacts on food safety and health.”


What does the FAO mean by food utilization? Food utilization means our ability as human beings (or, even animals!) to have a balanced diet, whereby our bodies ingest and metabolize everything that we intake, either through drinks and/or food. It starts with drinking enough clean, fresh water, which helps our bodies function properly. Without enough clean, fresh water intake our bodies dry out, which naturally affects our metabolism. Clean, fresh water is the most valuable fluid for our bodies. Many groceries, especially fruits, salads, and vegetables, are rich in water. E.g. cucumbers consist to at least 90% water, which makes them part of a healthy diet. Some of the water our bodies need to function properly can thus be taken in through eating a balanced and healthy diet.

The problems that climate change creates to food safety and health include:

  • Environmental pollution causing complex problems to all our ecosystems, e.g. pesticides in agriculture and plastic pollution in our water sources and oceans. All that we put out into our atmosphere, including greenhouse gases, end up EVERYWHERE in our local and global ecosystems, affecting all life upon Earth. The more we pollute our environment, the more we end up polluting ourselves. If we for example consume seafood that has digested micro-plastics, this micro-plastic may very well end up in our personal digestion when we eat the seafood that has been polluted.
  • When our soils are being damaged e.g. through poor soil management and unsustainable agriculture practices, the soils lose valuable nutrients, resulting in a vicious circle where land must constantly be managed more and more efficiently while at the same time losing valuable nutrients. This has been understood by responsible farmers who are taking action and focusing upon organic agriculture.


Learn more about sustainable food by watching Earth Horizon Production´s video “Eco Eye 14, EP07 – Sustainable Food:


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