Climate Change Major Risk To Food And Nutrition Stability

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“FAO Strategy on Climate Change. Rome, July 2017. The risks to food and nutrition stability are aggravated by the expected increase of the frequency and intensity of climate-related events.”


What kinds of climate-related events can you think of in your own living environment in the (recent) past that affected food (or, even fresh water) stability? Everyone who is consuming media products (i.e. reading/watching) news either in printed versions or digitally, has certainly become aware of a number of climate-related natural events, if not globally, at least locally. I have personally noticed that climate change-related news (broadcasting) has increased in the past years. To some extent, I maybe notice climate-related news since I am personally interested in the topic, but it certainly is not only a subjective perception. Perhaps, at this very moment, someone is conducting research upon the topic, or at least it could be a possible topic for research, especially since news are always to some extent locally tailored, and we do cannot read/watch everything on the news what is happening worldwide (unless we specifically do research upon a specific topic/geographical area).

Following article, published in PNAS vol. 114 no. 19 (Diffenbaugh, N.S., Singh, D., Mankin, J.S., Horton, D.E. & al.), presents research findings from a group of Earth System scientists through observations and a climate model ensemble: Quantifying the influence of global warming on unprecedented extreme climate events

Due to heavy rainfall in Finland this year, and in autumn 2017, we lost 40% of total crop yields this year, whereby farmers affected are obliged to seek financial aid from the state and from the European Union. However, according to LUKE – Natural Resources Institute Finland, 2/3 (around 67%) of ALL grain produced in Finland every year is used to feed animals. This signifies that majority of all grain produced goes to feed animals that end up being eaten by us consumers (human beings).

Does this make any sense at all? What do you think? Looking forward to any comments/thoughts on the topic.

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