UN: Take Urgent Action To Combat Climate Change

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“UN Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.”


In 2015 the UN launched its Sustainable Development Goals with a target of reaching these by 2030. When looking at these Sustainable Development Goals and analyzing them, you will soon realize what they all have in common: climate change and climate action. Putting these goals together as pieces of a puzzle one realizes that climate change (and, especially anthropogenic climate change) is a common denominator, having a significant impact upon our ability to solve all other major local/global problems, such as hunger and malnutrition, poverty, HIV/malaria and other major infectious diseases, child/maternal mortality rates and so on. Climate change, in fact, makes everything even worse than it already is, and the effects of climate change throughout the world are jeopardizing all the good work and all the achievements that have already been made in the past decades to achieve zero hunger around the world and so on. In addition, completely new problems, such as overweight and obesity, have risen throughout our world in the past decades.

The UN is often being criticized for inefficiency in tackling global problems, and reaching the goals that have been set. Much is being discussed about the UN as an organization needing a face-lift, or at least renewing the organization in some ways. Of course, all businesses and organizations, in addition to individuals, are in need of constant improvement and change, because change is the only constant in this world, and the most dangerous thing for anyone to say is that things have always been this way, or we have always done things this way. Any individual or organization making these kinds of statements is wrong, and swimming in very deep waters. Never ever take things for granted or expect them to remain similar for a very long time.

As an intergovernmental organization, UN member states have signed up to provide the organization with 0,7% of its national budget each year. Most of the member countries never deliver even half of this, while some countries pay more than 0,7% of the national budget as a support for the work provided by the UN. The reasons for this may differ from country to country, but it is a fact that the lower the budget, the more tight it becomes for the UN to reach its goals. And, with constant opposition around the world, with e.g. high levels of corruption, any (charitable) organization will face difficulties. Instead, try to focus upon the achievements of the UN, its positive influence in the world, all the data, research and statistics provided by the UN and its organizations. Without these, our world could look darker than it is today, along with the fact that the UN has, through its work, inspired new NGO´s and startups.

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