UN Women: Women To Be Heard When Tackling Climate Change

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“UN Women. UN Women calls for women to be heard at all levels of decision-making, from households to political arenas.”


On October 24th is the annual United Nations Day which marks the anniversary of the UN Charter that entered into force in 1945. On this day, it is worthwhile to remember WHY the United Nations was established in the first place. Do you know WHY the UN was established?

The original purpose of the United Nations, as an intergovernmental organization, was to ensure peace (and, peaceful resolution of conflicts) after World War II. Gradually, the organization grew its original role from maintaining peace to the protection of human rights, the promotion of social and economic development, and disaster aid/relief in times of famine, natural disasters and armed conflicts. (United Nations Day, 24 October).

Furthermore and inclusive to the protection of human rights, the United Nations organization UN Women is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the rights of girls and women around the world, with a focus upon campaigning especially for and in regions where girls and women´s rights need attention and ought to be developed and improved e.g. through legislation and enabling equal rights for girls and women in terms of education and work life opportunities.

Even developed countries, including Finland, have work to do in order to ensure 50/50, i.e. complete gender equality. Every country on this planet has work to do in terms of gender equality, be it eradicating domestic violence or ensuring that human beings have equal rights e.g. in terms of equal payments/ salaries. Iceland will be the first country in the world to end salary inequality and discrimination through changing its legislation to enable this.

UN Women is one of the leading organizations worldwide driving gender equality issues, including the fact that girls and women should be heard and involved concerning climate change issues equally much as boys and men. It is important to enable this,  allow women to participate, and empower women especially in developing countries to get their voices heard on every level in the society. Only by giving women the possibility to use their knowledge, resources, and take the lead in terms of climate change related activities can we reach our goals to end anthropogenic climate change and create sustainable change across societies worldwide.

Watch International Labour Organization´s video “Why gender matters in climate change financing”:


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