UN Women: Women To Be Heard When Tackling Climate Change

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“UN Women. UN Women calls for women to be heard at all levels of decision-making, from households to political arenas.”


On October 24th is the annual United Nations Day which marks the anniversary of the UN Charter that entered into force in 1945. On this day, it is worthwhile to remember WHY the United Nations was established in the first place. Do you know WHY the UN was established?

The original purpose of the United Nations, as an intergovernmental organization, was to ensure peace (and, peaceful resolution of conflicts) after World War II. Gradually, the organization grew its original role from maintaining peace to the protection of human rights, the promotion of social and economic development, and disaster aid/relief in times of famine, natural disasters and armed conflicts. (United Nations Day, 24 October).

Furthermore and inclusive to the protection of human rights, the United Nations organization UN Women is dedicated to enhancing and protecting the rights of girls and women around the world, with a focus upon campaigning especially for and in regions where girls and women´s rights need attention and ought to be developed and improved e.g. through legislation and enabling equal rights for girls and women in terms of education and work life opportunities.

Even developed countries, including Finland, have work to do in order to ensure 50/50, i.e. complete gender equality. Every country on this planet has work to do in terms of gender equality, be it eradicating domestic violence or ensuring that human beings have equal rights e.g. in terms of equal payments/ salaries. Iceland will be the first country in the world to end salary inequality and discrimination through changing its legislation to enable this.

UN Women is one of the leading organizations worldwide driving gender equality issues, including the fact that girls and women should be heard and involved concerning climate change issues equally much as boys and men. It is important to enable this,  allow women to participate, and empower women especially in developing countries to get their voices heard on every level in the society. Only by giving women the possibility to use their knowledge, resources, and take the lead in terms of climate change related activities can we reach our goals to end anthropogenic climate change and create sustainable change across societies worldwide.

Watch International Labour Organization´s video “Why gender matters in climate change financing”:


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The Stockholm Syndrome


In a time of uncertainty, even in previously peacefully related locations such as Stockholm, I am glad to hear that my friends in Stockholm are safe & sound! In these times of rapidly changing markets and an uncertain world, we all have to be increasingly much grounded and peaceful. When we are at peace with ourselves, we will also be at peace with our surroundings, thus creating an increasingly much peaceful world. Please do not let drama enter your mind, or your life. Focus upon creating a peaceful and loving life, and world, to yourself and to those around you. Only through changing ourselves, and through being loving and kind, can we influence those around us as well, to become loving and peaceful.

Aspire to be friends with everyone, starting with yourself. Expand your friendship to whomever you meet upon your journey on Earth, and make everyone into a friend. Kindness is a language of those with inner strength. If you ever are in doubt of your inner strength, please let exemplary leaders like Nelson Mandela be your role models. Truly great leaders know how to forgive their enemies, and use love as a tool to become one with their opponents, in any circumstance. Instead of making a life full of drama, do focus upon love, and upon creating an increasingly much lovable world around you, where people do care about each other.

However, do not let enemies enter your mind in a way of allowing them becoming the cause of the so-called “Stockholm Syndrome”. Stay grounded, be focused, analyze, take the necessary time to evaluate circumstances and things according to your personal perception, and an in-depth analysis about what actually is taking place in your environment, rather than taking action too quickly or reacting to any circumstance or person around you. As unfortunate as it is, not everyone has clarity of mind, or pure intentions. Therefore, always seek to consult with a few (or, even one) trusted people before taking action. Never ever let yourself be seduced into something that conflicts with your authenticity, values, ethics or morals. Even if and when turning an enemy into a friend or a collaborator, do not let anyone seduce you/r business into becoming a tool or a platform for criminal activities or let someone seduce you into becoming a partner in-crime, or, become a victim of the Stockholm Syndrome.