Changes In Temperature & Storm Patterns Affecting The Arctic Life

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The Arctic region, including the Arctic sea, adjoining seas, Northern Canada, parts of the U.S.A., parts of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, The Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland, is warming at a rate much faster than the rest of our world, despite of the fact that according to geoscientists, we are currently living in an ice age. The Arctic warms at an alarming rate, with up to twice as fast as the rest of our planet.

In Celsius degrees, we are talking about an increased rate of at least several degrees Celsius within the past century, from the beginning of the industrialized era, with research evidence upon the fact that this warming has been caused by human activities only – mainly the burning of fossil fuels, releasing carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases into Earth´s atmosphere. By releasing these greenhouse gases into Earth´s atmosphere, us human beings have built an artificial greenhouse effect on our planet, causing Earth to warm at unhealthy rates, ultimately leading to disastrous risks that will affect all of humanity, and, our flora and fauna upon Earth.

The problem with the fast warming of the Arctic region is that majority of the world´s fresh water resources are melting in Greenland, into salty oceans that causes sea level rise. And, unnecessarily wasting our planet´s already scarce fresh water resources. Another problem, and major risk to all life on Earth, is the melting of the sea ice. Huge areas of sea ice has already melt away, causing the Arctic to become completely ice free during summer months in near future. When this happens, the ice free ocean surface in the Arctic absorbs increasingly much of the sun´s energy and heat, causing our planet to warm at an even faster rate.

Let alone the fact that when Arctic regions warm, permafrost thaws, exposing decayed plants and animals which release further greenhouse gases into our atmosphere – especially methane, which is at least 25 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas compared to carbon dioxide. And, the thawing, decayed animals pose another risk of setting free (yet unknown) diseases. Is this the future we want for our planet? A melting, warming Arctic that causes the rest of the world to suffer from its effects?

Watch Climate State´s video “Climate Change in the Arctic and Model Projections 2017”:


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