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Arctic Climate Change a Global Problem

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Climate change in the Arctic is a global problem. Why? If you have not yet read my previous posts about climate change in the Arctic region, you will find the response by doing so. You can access some of my previous posts here:

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If you are a global citizen, you are perhaps already aware of the fact that everything we do upon this planet has an effect upon life elsewhere. When you eat breakfast in the morning, you have already depended upon about half of this world. When production plants and dirty industry sectors are being transferred to developing countries where production costs are only a fraction of those in industrialized countries, savings may be possible for a certain time period. Nevertheless, it does not remove the problems of unsustainable production, or transport.

For example: many Finnish and international well-known brands have outsourced all of their production to countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, China and Turkey, just to name a few. The consumer pays exactly the same price as before, for a branded design product that now has only been designed in the country of origin, but produced with the lowest labor costs possible in a country with low labor costs. Does this make any sense? I have personally noticed how the quality of these brands has suffered, and I am not willing to pay anything for e.g. a Finnish expensive brand product which has not been produced in Finland. Why would anyone want to pay a high price for a design product which is no longer produced where it originates? There is a difference between capitalism and sustainable capitalism.

In short, the more the Arctic region warms and is affected by climate change, the more will this affect and have an impact upon our global climate as well.

Learn more about why climate change in the Arctic region is a global problem by watching Link TV´s “Melting Arctic: Assessing the Global Impact”:


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