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What is The Albedo Effect?

Arctic (4)

To understand climate change (in the Arctic region) better, we also have to understand the scientific terminology related to anthropogenic climate change. According to a number of sources, including the Norwegian Polar Institute, the albedo effect refers to how different kinds of surfaces are able to reflect the sun´s rays, i.e. the heat from the sun.

Why this is so important in the Arctic region, including the Arctic Ocean (sea) is because when ice/snow/permafrost covers melt, this is causing additional, accelerated warming in the Arctic region. This occurs since dark surfaces absorb more of the sun´s energy (low albedo) in comparison to light surfaces. When this happens increasingly much in the Arctic region, it causes even more rapid warming which in turn leads to climate change spreading faster from the Arctic region into the rest of the world. What the consequences of these changes will be, unless we manage to halt the warming on our planet (and, especially in the Arctic region), are yet unknown.

Learn more about the albedo effect by watching e.g. following video, published by KTVL News10 – The albedo effect and warming:


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